Government of Yukon

Government Services

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Parents and Families

Adoption services

Adult protection and decision-making

Birth certificate, registration, and correcting a birth record.

Child Care Subsidy Program
Helps families who need child care and may not be able to afford the cost.

Child Support - Maintenance Enforcement Program

Child Support Guidelines
Tools for calculating the amount of support a paying parent should contribute toward his or her children.

Child care services
Listing of Yukon child care centres, day home health concern checklist and child care professional designation guidelines.

Children with disabilities
Provides support to Yukon families to care for their child with a disability.

Children's Dental Program

Children's Drug and Optical Program
Assists low income families with the cost of prescription drugs and eye care for children (19-).

Choosing child care

Community Health Centres

Crime Prevention
Everyone has a role in making their home and their community safe and there are lots of ways to do it.

Education Appeal Tribunal

Family Law
Services and information on separation, divorce and family violence.

Family Law Information Centre (FLIC)
Services and information on child support, parenting after separation and family law.

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder

Finding a doctor

Information on seasonal and pandemic flu.

Flu Shot

Foster Care

Francophone School Board
Operates the Yukon's only French first language school, École Émilie-Tremblay.

Gadzoosda Student Residence

Graduation Requirements

Health Guide

Health Promotion

Health fairs
Program for children turning five or who are entering the school system in either Kindergarten or Grade 1.

Healthy families
Service offering home support to overburdened families.

Hearing Services

Home Education

Resources for parents and guardians who assume responsibility for their child's education.

Immunization information

Kids Recreation Fund
Fund to help parents with the cost of registration and materials for children.

Kindergarten Registration

Maternity and Parental Leave

Organ Donation Program

Placement and Support Services (for children)
Information about adoption, foster care, services for children in care, child abuse treatment and child care services.

Public Schools
Provides curricula and learning materials, language programs (French and aboriginal), professional development for teachers and more.

Reading Recovery TM
Support for grade one youth learning to read and write.

Reporting Child Abuse

Respite care services
Short-term relief for caregivers.

School Attendance Areas

School Councils


Student Financial Assistance (apply online)
Financial programs for Yukon post-secondary students.

Student Transcripts and Records Request

Request copies of your official transcripts and/or student records.

Student Transportation
Information about school busing and transportation schedules, routes, subsidies and regulations.

Summer School

Technology Assisted Learning
Enhance the learning environment for Yukon students and teachers.

Teen Parent Program
Program to teach teens parenting, meal preparation, money management and employment skills.

Vaccine information

Yukon student network.

Youth Criminal Justice Act (for parents)
Tool for parents with a child in the criminal justice system.