Government of Yukon

Government Services

Entrepreneur, Business owner

Agriculture—Growing forward 2 programs

Bid challenge—provide feedback on our procurement process

Business directory—listing, search

Business incentive program—rebate, application

Business name guidelines—resource for choosing your business name

Cultural industries training fund

Employment standards—wages, holidays, complaints

Energy programs—incentives, rebates

Enterprise trade fund—applications

Historic properties—heritage preservation funding

Holidays—statutory holidays in Yukon

Land—active applications, public land, agriculture land, land use permits


Liens—search, personal property security registry

Mining exploration program—apply, funding

Non-profit organizations—societies

Procurement support centre—tenders, contracting

Product development partnership program—funding, requirements

Regional economic development fund—eligibility, funding levels, criteria

Rural services

STEP program for employers

This program helps Yukon employers to hire post-secondary students for summer jobs in career-related fields of study through a wage subsidy

Small business investment tax credit—information, application

Strategic industries development fund

Tender forecast—planning aid, upcoming projects, cost estimates

Tender management system—documents, notifications, opportunities

Tourism cooperative marketing fund—eligibility, applications

Yukon Business Nominee Program
The Yukon Business Nominee Program is designed to attract and retain skilled international entrepreneurs to add diversity and innovation to Yukon’s economy.