Government of Yukon

Government Services

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Health and Social Services

Adoption services

Adult protection and decision-making

Advance Directives
Appoint someone to make health and personal care decisions for you.

Alcohol and Drug Services

Birth certificate, registration, and correcting a birth record.

Care consent
Information on consent to health care, admission to care facilities and personal assistance services.

Child Care Subsidy Program
Helps families who need child care and may not be able to afford the cost.

Child care services
Listing of Yukon child care centres, day home health concern checklist and child care professional designation guidelines.

Children with disabilities
Provides support to Yukon families to care for their child with a disability.

Children's Dental Program

Children's Drug and Optical Program
Assists low income families with the cost of prescription drugs and eye care for children (19-).

Choosing child care

Chronic Disease Program
Provides benefits for Yukon residents who have a chronic disease or a serious functional disability.

Communicable Disease Control
Monitors and controls all infectious diseases. Testing for all sexually transmitted diseases.

Community Health Centres

Continuing Care
Home care, community day program, residential care programs and respite care services.

Correcting a record
Correction a birth, marriage or death record.

Day Home
Get licensed as a family day home.

Detoxification services

Direct Operating Grant
Funding to child care programs to help costs and reduce pressure to raise parent fees.

Listing of links related to disabilities and disability services.

Environmental health

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder

Finding a doctor

Information on seasonal and pandemic flu.

Foster Care

Health Guide

Health Profession Education Bursary
For Yukon students in health education programs.

Health Promotion

Health card

Health fairs
Program for children turning five or who are entering the school system in either Kindergarten or Grade 1.

HealthLine – 811
24-hour confidential health service for Yukoners.

Healthy families
Service offering home support to overburdened families.

Hearing Services

Home care
For people who have difficulty accessing services.

Immunization information

Insured Health Benefits

Kids Recreation Fund
Fund to help parents with the cost of registration and materials for children.

Apply for a marriage licence and certificate.

Medical Travel
Helps eligible people with medical travel costs.

Mental Health
Information on mental health assessments, therapy, counselling and referral services.

Name change
Legally change your name.

Nursing Bursary Program
Support for students (current and past Yukon residents) attending nursing school.

Publications with tips and ideas that encourage good nutrition.

Organ Donation Program

Palliative care

Pharmacare & Extended Health Care Benefits (for seniors)

Pioneer Utility Grant
Heating cost assistance for seniors (65+).

Placement and Support Services (for children)
Information about adoption, foster care, services for children in care, child abuse treatment and child care services.

Professional Development Fund
Assists health professionals advance their direct delivery skills.

Quit Smoking

Reporting Child Abuse

Residential care programs
Information about Yukon continuing care facilities.

Respite care services
Short-term relief for caregivers.

Senior and elder abuse

Seniors Income Supplement

Sexual health
Information about your sexual health.

Smart Travel Plan
Let your friends/family know about your travel plans.

Social Assistance

Territorial Supplementary Allowance
Assistance for Yukon residents receiving or are eligible to receive social assistance.

Travel Clinics
These clinics are recommended for travellers.

Vaccine information

Vital Statistics
Register/order certificates for life events (birth, death, etc.).

Youth Criminal Justice Act

Youth Criminal Justice Act (for parents)
Tool for parents with a child in the criminal justice system.

Youth Investment Fund
Short term financial support for projects aimed at youth.