Government of Yukon

Government Services

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Community Training Funds
Funding for skills development training.

Cultural Industry Training Fund

Education Appeal Tribunal

Education training and work

Tools to help you prepare for the labour force.

Education, training and work (for employers)

Enrolment Reports
School enrolment figures reported by grade.

Francophone School Board
Operates the Yukon's only French first language school, École Émilie-Tremblay.

Gadzoosdaa Student Residence

Graduation Requirements

Home Education

Resources for parents and guardians who assume responsibility for their child's education.


Labour Market Programs
Programs on literacy, labour mobility, trade school, education obligations and training issues and services for new immigrants.

Public Schools
Provides curricula and learning materials, language programs (French and aboriginal), professional development for teachers and more.

Resource Services
Provides resources for Yukon public schools.

School Attendance Areas

School Councils

School calendar


Student Assessment Programs
Information on academic assessment programs (achievement tests and provincial exams).

Student Financial Assistance (apply online)
Financial programs for Yukon post-secondary students.

Student Transcripts and Records Request

Request copies of your official transcripts and/or student records.

Student transportation
Information about school busing and transportation schedules, routes, subsidies and regulations.

Summer School

Summer career placement

Teen Parent Centre
Programs to teach teens parenting, meal preparation, money management and employment skills.

Tradesperson qualifications
Information about trade apprenticeships.

Yukon student network.

Yukon Native Language Centre
Lingustic and educational services.

Yukon Nominee Program
Information about Government of Yukon's ability to nominate potential immigrants.