Government of Yukon

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Advanced artist award—funding

Agriculture—Growing forward 2 programs

Arts funding and awards—listing of funding programs

Arts fund—application, guidelines

Arts operating funds—applications, guidelines

Business incentive program—rebate, application

Child care subsidy program—apply for financial assistance

Chronic disease program—benefits and coverage

Community development fund—for projects and events

Crime prevention funding program

Cultural industries training fund

Culture quest—funding

Direct operating grant—funding for child care programs

Education training and work—tools, resources

Enterprise trade fund—applications

Environmental awareness fund—application

Film locations incentive program—rebate, application

Film production fund—co-production, application

Film training fund—application, eligibility

Filmmakers fund—application, eligibility

FireSmart—application, funding

Health profession education bursary

Historic properties—heritage preservation funding

Home owners grant

Kids recreation fund—eligibility, applying

Lotteries Yukon funding programs—art, sport, recreation

Medical treatment—travel, transportation, cost

Mining exploration program—apply, funding

Nursing bursary program—funding, students

Pioneer utility grant—seniors, assistance

Prevention of violence against Aboriginal women—project funding opportunities

Professional development fund—funding, training, health, social services

Regional economic development fund—eligibility, funding levels, criteria

Rural electrical and telephone service—projects, financing

STEP program for employers

This program helps Yukon employers to hire post-secondary students for summer jobs in career-related fields of study through a wage subsidy

STEP program for students

This program offers students an opportunity to gain practical experience in their field of study and utilize their theoretical knowledge in a workplace setting, not to mention great wages!

Seniors programs and services

Sound recording program—criteria, applications

Strategic industries development fund

Student financial aid—grants, loans, scholarships, awards

Summer career placement—wage subsidy for employers

Touring artist fund—application, deadlines

Tourism cooperative marketing fund—eligibility, applications

Youth investment fund—application, deadlines

Youth leadership and activities program