Government of Yukon

Government Services


Community training funds—skills development

Conservation action team—summer camp program

Education training and work—tools, resources

Education, training and work—funding for employers

Education—curriculum resources, supplementary materials

Education—exams and performance measures

Educator resources—guides, curriculum

Employment—student jobs and training

French language training—adults

Graduation requirements

Health profession education bursary

Health promotion—breast health, congenital anomalies, smoking prevention, sexual health, travel

Home education—home schooling resources

Home ownership course—prospective home owners

Hunter education course

Immigration—application, workshops, programs

Labour market programs—for organizations



Library—public, cards, borrowing

Master Gardener Course—northern gardening, training

Nursing bursary program—funding, students

School attendance areas—neighbourhoods, transfer application

School calendar—key dates for Yukon schools

School councils—become a member

Schools—public, K-12

School—summer school, fees, register

Student financial aid—grants, loans, scholarships, awards

Student residence—Gadzoosdaa, boarding allowance

Student transcripts and records request

Student transportation—bus routes, registration, subsidy

Teen parent centre—daycare, support, life skills

Trade school—training and certification

Trades—programs, funding, requirements

Youth justice—probation, custody, treatment, programs

Youth leadership training

Yukon Business Nominee Program
The Yukon Business Nominee Program is designed to attract and retain skilled international entrepreneurs to add diversity and innovation to Yukon’s economy.