Government of Yukon

Government Services

Consumer Information

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Access to information and protection of privacy—request information and corrections to your Yukon government records

Accident claims—file a claim against the Yukon government

Agriculture land—listing of active applications

Alcohol and drug services

Aviation—Yukon airports and aerodromes


Boiler registration and inspection

Business directory—listing, search

Child care subsidy program—apply for financial assistance

Child care—choosing a provider

Child support—calculate payments

Child support—enforcement

Chronic disease program—benefits and coverage

Consumer protection—collection agencies, complaints and payday lenders

Continuing care—residential, home care, regional therapy services

Court registries—trial coordination, cash desk services, divorce, custody, adoption, traffic tickets

Courts—appeal, federal, small claims, supreme, territorial

Crime prevention funding program

Educator resources—guides, curriculum

Energy programs—incentives, rebates

Fuel prices—heating, automobile

Home repair program—loan, upgrades, rental suite

Land—sale, lottery, tender



Liens—search, personal property security registry

Liquor permits—reception permit

Liquor stores—locations, hours

Liquor—licensing and inspection

Liquor—products, prices

Maternity and parental leave

Medical treatment—travel, transportation, cost

Mosquito control

Motor vehicle registration—renewal

Name change—steps, cost

Pay a fine—payment options, locations

Pharmacare and extended health care benefits—seniors

Property taxes and assessment

Rural electrical and telephone service—projects, financing

Sheriff's office—hours, notary, jury duty

Social housing—application process, policies

Statistics—surveys, research, resources

Transportation permits—carrier compliance, access roads

Travel clinics—travel assessment consultation, vaccines, appointments

Victim services—crisis support, resources