Government of Yukon

Government Services


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Camping permits

Child abuse—reporting

Child care provider licenses

Child care subsidy program—apply for financial assistance

Child care—choosing a provider

Child support—calculate payments

Child support—enforcement

Children with disabilities—family support

Children's dental program

Children—prescription drugs and eye care (financial assistance)

Child—placement and support services

Chronic disease program—benefits and coverage

Community development fund—for projects and events

Community health centres—listing, services

Community radio and television service

Community training funds—skills development

Compliance and inspections—field service, permits

Conservation action team—summer camp program

Conservation officer services

Consumer protection—collection agencies, complaints and payday lenders

Contact government

Contaminated sites—permits, general information

Continuing care—residential, home care, regional therapy services

Coroner's service

Correcting a record—birth, marriage, death

Correctional services—for offenders

Court registries—trial coordination, cash desk services, divorce, custody, adoption, traffic tickets

Courts—appeal, federal, small claims, supreme, territorial

Crime prevention funding program

Cultural industries training fund

Culture quest—funding

Family and children's services

Fuel and chemical storage—regulations, permits

School calendar—key dates for Yukon schools