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STEP program for employers

This program helps Yukon employers to hire post-secondary students for summer jobs in career-related fields of study through a wage subsidy

STEP program for students

This program offers students an opportunity to gain practical experience in their field of study and utilize their theoretical knowledge in a workplace setting, not to mention great wages!

American Sign Language (ASL) interpreting services

Yukon Business Nominee Program
The Yukon Business Nominee Program is designed to attract and retain skilled international entrepreneurs to add diversity and innovation to Yukon’s economy.

Loan programs — information, application process

Rural services

Yukon government staff housing — information, policies

This program assists to recruit and retain Government of Yukon staff to deliver government services in rural Yukon communities.

Film Development Fund

511 Yukon—road conditions, construction, advisories

Access to information and protection of privacy—request information and corrections to your Yukon government records

Accident claims—file a claim against the Yukon government

Addiction resource centre for professionals

Adoption services

Adult protection and decision-making—care consent, advance directive

Adult probation services

Advanced artist award—funding

Agriculture—Growing forward 2 programs

Agriculture land—listing of active applications

Agriculture production—consultation service

Air quality—regulations, standards, permits

Alcohol and drug services

Alcohol ignition interlock program

Archaeology permits

Archives—location, collections

Arts operating funds—applications, guidelines

Arts fund—application, guidelines

Arts funding and awards—listing of funding programs

Aviation—Yukon airports and aerodromes


Bear safety

Bid challenge—provide feedback on our procurement process

Birth—registering, certificates

Boiler registration and inspection

Building permits and inspections

Burning permits

Business directory—listing, search

Business incentive program—rebate, application

Business name guidelines—resource for choosing your business name

Camping permits

Child abuse—reporting

Child care provider licenses

Child care subsidy program—apply for financial assistance

Child—placement and support services

Child protection—family service and support

Child support—calculate payments

Child support—enforcement

Children with disabilities—family support

Children's dental program

Children—prescription drugs and eye care (financial assistance)

Child care—choosing a provider

Chronic disease program—benefits and coverage

Correctional services—for offenders

Community training funds—skills development

Community development fund—for projects and events

Community health centres—listing, services

Community radio and television service

Compliance and inspections—field service, permits

Conservation action team—summer camp program

Conservation officer services

Consumer protection—collection agencies, complaints and payday lenders

Contact government

Contaminated sites—permits, general information

Continuing care—residential, home care, regional therapy services

Coroner's service

Correcting a record—birth, marriage, death

Courts—appeal, federal, small claims, supreme, territorial

Court registries—trial coordination, cash desk services, divorce, custody, adoption, traffic tickets

Crime prevention funding program

Cultural industries training fund

Culture quest—funding

Day home—getting licensed

Death certificate—ordering

Detoxification services—admissions, program information, support

Direct operating grant—funding for child care programs

Disability—services, resources

Driver's licence—apply

Education—curriculum resources, supplementary materials

Education—exams and performance measures

Education training and work—tools, resources

Education, training and work—funding for employers

Educator resources—guides, curriculum

Electrical permits and inspections

Emergencies—preparedness, updates

Employment standards—wages, holidays, complaints

Employment—student jobs and training

Employment—student, summer, youth conservation corps

Energy programs—incentives, rebates

Enterprise trade fund—applications

Environmental awareness fund—application

Environmental health—consultation, inspection, audits, enforcement

Extended health care benefits to seniors

Family and children's services

Family justice—separation, divorce, violence, resources

Family law information centre—workshops, separation, divorce

Family supports—children with disabilities

Film locations incentive program—rebate, application

Film production fund—co-production, application

Film training fund—application, eligibility

Filmmakers fund—application, eligibility

Find a doctor—Whitehorse

FireSmart—application, funding

Fishing licence—purchase

Flu shot

Foster care—placement, training, compensation

French language services—department resources

French language training—adults

Fuel and chemical storage—regulations, permits

Fuel prices—heating, automobile

Fuel—transportation, tax, carriers, truckers, permits, inter-provincial

Fuel tax exemption—procedures, permits, fees, refunds

Fuel vendor and distributor permits—applications, forms

Gazette—subscriptions, price, notices

Genealogy—search family histories

General identification card—official government identification, application information

Geographical place names—review process

Geomatics—mapping, surveying, data, images

Graduation requirements

Hansard—search Legislative Assembly transcripts

Health care insurance plan—medical coverage

Health care insurance plan—temporary absence form

Health investment fund—financial support, short-term projects

HealthLine 811—24 hour service

Health profession education bursary

Health promotion—breast health, congenital anomalies, smoking prevention, sexual health, travel

Healthy families—support, volunteer program

Hearing services—diagnosis, screenings, hearing aid

Historic properties—heritage preservation funding

Historic site programs

Holidays—statutory holidays in Yukon

Home care program—long-term, acute, rehabilitative, palliative

Home education—home schooling resources

Home energy assessment—incentive, eligibility, application process

Home owners grant

Home repair program—loan, upgrades, rental suite

Hospitals—health facilities

Household hazardous waste—disposal, examples

Home ownership course—prospective home owners

Seniors programs and services

Hunter education course

Hunting licences—fees, requirements

Immigration—application, workshops, programs

Immunization program

Infectious diseases—monitoring

Insurance premium tax—procedures, returns, rates, exemptions

Invasive plants—help stop invasive species

Kids recreation fund—eligibility, applying

Labour market programs—for organizations

Land—active applications, public land, agriculture land, land use permits

Land—lots for sale, maps, survey plans

Land—sale, lottery, tender

Land—subdividing, application


Land titles office—private land registration

Legislation—acts, regulations, statutes, appointments, bills


Library—public, cards, borrowing


Library—energy, mines, resources


Liens—search, personal property security registry

Liquor—licensing and inspection

Liquor licences—fees, application, types

Liquor permits—application, fees, types

Liquor—products, prices

Liquor service training—licensees, premise managers, servers, permit holders

Liquor stores—locations, hours

Lotteries Yukon funding programs—art, sport, recreation

Marriage—process, certificate

Master Gardener Course—northern gardening, training

Maternity and parental leave

Medical treatment—travel, transportation, cost

Mental health services

Mental health caregiver's support group

Minimum wage

Mining assessment reports—access copies on file

Mining exploration program—apply, funding

Mining inspection services

Mining map viewer—mining land use activities

Mining recorder offices—staking guidelines, permits

Mosquito control

Motor vehicles

Motor vehicle registration—renewal


Name change—steps, cost

Non-profit organizations—societies

Nursing bursary program—funding, students

Nutrition—resources, tips

Organ donation program

Palaeontology program—research, education

Palliative care program

Parks—territorial, facilities, camping

Pay a fine—payment options, locations

Pharmacare and extended health care benefits—seniors

Pioneer utility grant—seniors, assistance

Pre-school dental program

Prevention of violence against Aboriginal women—project funding opportunities

Procurement support centre—tenders, contracting

Product development partnership program—funding, requirements

Professional development fund—funding, training, health, social services

Property taxes and assessment

Public guardian and trustee—guardianship, power of attorney, estate

Recycling club—youth, prizes

Regional economic development fund—eligibility, funding levels, criteria

Register a corporation—forms, fees, legislation

Residential tenancies office—renters, landlords, resources, security deposit, dispute resolution

Reporting workplace injury or illness (for an employer)

Residential care programs—facilities, continuing care

Respite care services—contact information

Road—conditions, construction, advisories

Rural electrical and telephone service—projects, financing

School attendance areas—neighbourhoods, transfer application

Schools—public, K-12

School calendar—key dates for Yukon schools

School councils—become a member

Science—northern science initiatives

Senior and elder abuse—help and support

Senior income supplement—eligibility, process

Sexual health—testing, treatment, resources

Sheriff's office—hours, notary, jury duty

Small business investment tax credit—information, application

Smoking—Quitpath, plan, tools

Smoking prevention for youth—tools, resources, funding

Social assistance—eligibility, application information

Social housing—application process, policies

Sound recording program—criteria, applications

Spill reporting—hazardous substances

Statistics—surveys, research, resources

Strategic industries development fund

Student financial aid—grants, loans, scholarships, awards

Student residence—Gadzoosdaa, boarding allowance

Student transcripts and records request

Student transportation—bus routes, registration, subsidy

Summer career placement—wage subsidy for employers

School—summer school, fees, register

Teen parent centre—daycare, support, life skills

Tender forecast—planning aid, upcoming projects, cost estimates

Tender management system—documents, notifications, opportunities

Territorial agents—access government services in Yukon communities

Tobacco—retailer, wholesaler, permits

Touring artist fund—application, deadlines

Tourism cooperative marketing fund—eligibility, applications

Trade school—training and certification

Trades—programs, funding, requirements

Transportation permits—carrier compliance, access roads

Trapping—licenses, fees, requirements, concessions

Travel clinics—travel assessment consultation, vaccines, appointments

Turn in poachers and polluters (TIPP)

Vacation guide

Victim services—crisis support, resources

Visitor information centres—hours, locations

Vital statistics—adoption, birth, change of name, correcting a record, death, geneology, marriage, fees

Whitehorse health centre—hours, location, services

Wilderness tourism operators—licenses, forms

Wildlife viewing—events, viewing sites, tips, guide

Women's groups—shelters, transition homes, centres

Wood and timber—commercial, sales, harvesting, license

Worker's advocate—injured workers, dependants, compensation claims

Workers' compensation health and safety board—report a workplace injury or illness

Youth investment fund—application, deadlines

Youth justice—probation, custody, treatment, programs

Youth leadership and activities program

Youth leadership training

Yukon medical council—physician, licences

Yukon supplementary allowance—eligibility, social assistance

Yukon venture loan guarantee program—eligibility, repayment, interest