Government of Yukon

French Language Services Directorate


Federal government announces significant increase in support for French language services in the territories
May 26, 2017 – The Government of Canada has announced increased funding for French language services in Yukon, N.W.T. and Nunavut.


Yukon participates in Ministerial Conference on the Canadian Francophonie
June 22, 2016 – The conference will focus on progress achieved and best practices for the future.

Yukon and Quebec jointly support the development of French
March 31, 2016 – The Government of Yukon and Quebec are committed to supporting the French language and culture.

French Language Services Directorate and Yukon Hospital Corporation sign a memorandum of understanding
March 22, 2016 – Agreement signed to enhance French language services at Whitehorse General Hospital.


Whitehorse students celebrate French language education in talent show
May 13, 2015 – 400 secondary students took to the stage at the Yukon Arts Centre to celebrate Yukon Francophonie Day.


Yukon celebrates Journée de la francophonie yukonnaise
May 15, 2014 – A bright future for Yukon's French language services.

French language services pilot project goes live
January 28, 2014 – Yukon Francophones have access to new health services in French.


A new way forward for French language services
March 27, 2013 – Yukon Francophones will soon have access to enhanced services in their language.


Yukon government to participate in Ministerial Conference on the Canadian Francophonie
June 25, 2012 – National conference will bring together all levels of governemnt to discuss French language matters across Canada.



French language Women’s Directorate website now online
May 14, 2010 – Francophones can access information about services and programs for women.