Government of Yukon

Energy, Mines and Resources


Statement on the New Canadian Agricultural Partnership
July 25, 2017 – Minister of Energy, Mines and Resources issued the following statement with regards to the Canadian Agricultural Partnership.

Government officials meet to begin discussions on mining work plan
June 26, 2017 – Governments work together to improve management of mineral resources in Yukon.

Input sought in development of Faro mine remediation plan
Jun 9, 2017 – A six-month public engagement process will be gathering feedback on interests liked to the Faro mine site.

Funding for mineral exploration projects
May 18, 2017 – The Yukon Mineral Exploration Program will provide funding to 59 projects.

Government of Yukon extends staking prohibition for Kaska asserted traditional territory
April 28, 2017 – Government of Yukon extends mineral staking prohibition to provide more time to address mineral declarations.

Government of Yukon and Tr’ondëk Hwëch’in begin work on new timber supply analysis
April 3, 2017 – Work begins on new timber supply analysis for Dawson forest planning area.

Tr’ondëk Hwëch’in and Yukon government reach agreement on exploration notification
March 15, 2017 – Yukon government agrees it has a duty to notify regarding mineral exploration activities.

Government of Yukon issues temporary staking prohibitions for all of Kaska asserted traditional territory in Yukon
February 1, 2017 – The Government of Yukon has put mineral staking prohibitions in place for the Kaska asserted traditional territory.

Memorandum of understanding on mining signed by self-governing Yukon First Nations and Government of Yukon
January 25, 2017 – Government of Yukon and First Nations agree to work together to facilitate mining activity

Government of Yukon increases funding support for hard rock and placer exploration
January 24, 2017 – Yukon Geological Survey will distribute an increased amount of funding for the Yukon mineral exploration program.

Government of Yukon provides financial assistance to mineral sector organizations
January 24, 2017 – Yukon's mining industry will benefit from government funding.


Government of Yukon approves new open pit at Minto mine
December 19, 2016 – Minto can start developing and mining the Area 2 Stage 3 open pit.

Installation of biomass heating systems to create renewable energy opportunities
September 19, 2016 – Two requests for qualifications for biomass heating systems in two Yukon schools were issued today.

Main administration building to double its solar energy generating capacity
September 12, 2016 – A new solar arrays system on the main administration building doubles the building’s capacity for solar energy generation.

Daycares join schools in promoting healthy choices
August 31, 2016 – From the Ground Up celebrates its fifth year with the addition of daycares.

Yukon Geological Survey's Maurice Colpron wins national award
August 22, 2016 – Committee of Provincial and Territorial Geologists honours a Yukon geologist for the first time.

Popularity of pilot programs demonstrates Yukoners are eager to save energy and money
August 18, 2016 – Highly popular Residential and Commercial Energy Incentive Programs contribute to substantial energy and cost savings.

Scholarship honours contributions of Dawson forester
June 20, 2016 – The Government of Yukon announces a one-time contribution to a scholarship in memory of long-time Dawson forester Bill Bowie.

Canadian Council of Forest Ministers reaffirm a strong, joint commitment to wildland fire management
June 8, 2016 – Forest ministers agreed that federal, provincial and territorial governments have a role to play in addressing challenges related to wildland fire.

Canadian Council of Forest Ministers recognize the value of innovation and Indigenous participation in the forest sector
June 8, 2016 – The meeting was chaired by the Government of Yukon in Dawson City.

Government of Yukon to host forest ministers in Dawson City this week
June 7, 2016 – Forest ministers from across Canada are meeting in Dawson this week to discuss national-scale initiatives.

Yukon government improving resource access roads in the Klondike
May 20, 2016 – Klondike Placer Miners' Association contributing to Goldfields area road upgrades.

Eleven remote recreational lots to be sold by lottery this summer
May 19, 2016 – Remote recreational lots open for viewing.

Premier and ministers to attend 2016 Gold Show in Dawson City
May 19, 2016 – The 30th Dawson City International Gold Show kicks off on May 20.

Government of Yukon releases local food strategy
May 11, 2016 – Strategy aims to develop agriculture sector and increase access to local food in Yukon.

Government of Yukon nominates Charlie Roots for Polar Medal
May 6, 2016 – Roots has made significant contributions to geology in Yukon.

Minister recognizes mining week and new bedrock map technology
May 5, 2016 – Yukon Geological Survey's new digital bedrock geology map will assist exploration geologists.

New comprehensive report outlines geothermal heat and power potential in Yukon
May 4, 2016 – Newly published favourability maps show Yukon’s potential for generating heat and power using geothermal energy.

Work on forestry road to continue near Haines Junction this summer
April 20, 2016 – The Mackintosh East Forest Resources Road will be surfaced for easier access.

Kluane First Nation and Yukon government develop Dutch Harbour recreational lots
April 18, 2016 – A public lottery is expected to be held summer 2016.

Electric car joins Yukon government fleet vehicles
April 12, 2016 – The Yukon government is piloting an electric car to test viability and practicality of use in Yukon.

Yukon government moving forward with land development and planning in Mayo and Dawson
April 11, 2016 – Projects will provide rural and agricultural lots in Mayo and assist with development of Dawson’s north end.

Fifth and Rogers project moving ahead
April 8, 2015 – Market and affordable housing planning concepts underway for Fifth and Rogers project.

Government of Yukon and Champagne and Aishihik First Nations begin work on new timber supply analysis for CAFN Traditional Territory
April 4, 2016 – Timber supply analysis will lead to new annual allowable cut decision.

Liard Basin one of the largest shale gas resources in the world, new assessment shows
March 16, 2016 – Shale gas resource assessment determines that Liard Basin is one of the largest shale gas resources in the world.

Yukon government supporting Yukon Transportation Museum’s electric vehicle study
March 15, 2016 – The museum plans to operate and monitor the use of an electric vehicle, which will be charged by solar panels on the building’s roof.

First biomass heating project to use waste wood in the North
March 14, 2016 – This biomass heating project is the first of its kind North of 60.

Forest Resources Act review underway
February 29, 2016 – Yukon government begins mandated review of Forest Resource Act.

New biomass strategy to open development of local biomass energy sector in Yukon
February 18, 2016 – Biomass is a cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution for heating in the territory.

Land approved for City of Whitehorse building consolidation project
February 5, 2016 – The arrangement will assist the City with a long-term lease.

Yukon government provides assistance to the placer mining industry
January 26, 2016 – Government work focuses on roads, a reclamation guide and assistance to prospectors.

Yukon government provides assistance to hard rock mineral industry
January 26, 2016 – The Government of Yukon is supporting mining in the territory through increased funding and access to programs.

Yukon’s mining industry promoted at Invest Yukon Pavilion
January 21, 2016 – The Government of Yukon will promote the territory’s investment readiness to investors on January 24 and 25 in Vancouver.

Yukon’s mineral potential showcased at mining industry meeting
January 21, 2016 – Exploration and investment in Yukon’s mineral resources to be highlighted in Vancouver.

Fifth and Rogers planning contract awarded
January 11, 2016 – Stantec Architecture of Whitehorse will produce options for downtown land parcel.


Yukon mineral exploration program funding extended
November 20, 2015 – The Government of Yukon is providing $1.4 million in support of prospecting and exploration activities in Yukon.

Award winners showcase environmental stewardship and excellence in mining
November 17, 2015 – Three mining companies have been recognized for innovation in mining.

New strategic initiatives unit for Department of Energy, Mines and Resources
November 16, 2015 – The new unit will manage department initiatives.

Yukon government and mining industry to connect at annual Geoscience Forum
November 13, 2015 – Yukon to showcase geology and mineral industry at the annual Geoscience Forum, starting this weekend.

Yukon’s 2015 Farmers of the Year reinventing the mixed family farm
November 9, 2015 – Kate Mechan and Bart Bounds of Elemental Farms have been recognized as Yukon’s 2015 Farmers of the Year.

Proposed Yukon Oil and Gas Act amendments tabled
October 28, 2015 – Minister of Energy, Mines and Resources Scott Kent tabled changes to the Oil and Gas Act today.

New policy allows development of community-based energy projects
October 27, 2015 – New government policy allows development of community-based energy projects and self-sufficiency.

Yukon government engages with First Nations to explore land development
October 15, 2015 – Project planning to continue with First Nation consultation.

Yukon government and business delegation to explore energy innovation
October 7, 2015 – Yukon delegation meeting with energy industry experts on innovations and advancements in energy sector.

Ministers promoting Yukon’s mineral sector potential
September 30, 2015 – Ministers will provide updates on government efforts underway to enhance the investment climate in Yukon.

Government of Yukon and Kluane First Nation partner to support economic development initiatives
September 9, 2015 – The Yukon government and Kluane First Nation sign a memorandum of understanding to explore wind energy options and develop cottage lots.

Energy efficiency program contributes to vitality of local businesses
September 9, 2015 – Commercial Energy Incentive Program proves popular and vital among local business sector.

Feedback sought on draft Local Food Strategy
August 5, 2015 – Yukon government launches draft local food strategy to encourage the production and consumption of local food.

Minister Kent kicks off annual Yukon mineral exploration site tour
July 30, 2015 – Minister of Energy, Mines and Resources Scott Kent recently visited two of Yukon’s key mineral exploration projects.

Minister and industry delegates attend Canadian Energy and Mines Ministers’ Conference
July 22, 2015 – Yukon representatives attended a national gathering to share priorities and collaborate on energy and mining development in Canada.

Feedback sought on proposed amendments to Yukon Oil and Gas legislation
July 16, 2015 – The Yukon government is proposing amendments to the legislation to improve transparency and clarity.

Yukon to host Canadian Forest Ministers in 2016
July 16, 2015 – The ministers will participate in a forum to provide leadership and generate action on forestry-related matters.

Report released on viability of Yukon–Southeast Alaska economic development corridor
June 26, 2015 – The report findings will be used by municipalities, businesses and utilities in planning for the energy and telecommunication needs of the region.

Yukon government partners with City of Whitehorse on planning project for Fifth and Rogers property
June 4, 2015 – Multi-party planning work to begin on downtown land at Fifth Avenue and Rogers Street.

Ministers to attend 2015 Dawson City Gold Show
May 14, 2015 – The 29th Dawson City International Gold Show kicks off on May 15.

Ministers recognize Mining and Geology Week, pay tribute to industry pioneers
May 7, 2015 – Premier and ministers pay tribute to Yukon Mining and Geology Week.

Yukon Mineral Exploration Program supports 62 projects
May 6, 2015 – Sixty-two projects receive funding to promote and enhance mineral prospecting and exploration.

Input wanted on proposed biomass energy strategy
April 27, 2015 – Proposed strategy to guide development of Yukon's biomass sector up for review.

Consultation continues for off-road vehicle regulation on public land
April 16, 2015 – Yukon government is working with First Nations and the public to develop a made-in-Yukon policy.

New program helps improve energy efficiency within the commercial sector
April 15, 2015 – New commercial energy incentive makes energy-efficiency upgrades to larger buildings more accessible and affordable.

Yukon government accepts all 21 recommendations of the Select Committee Regarding the Risks and Benefits of Hydraulic Fracturing; announces position on shale gas development
April 9, 2015 – The Yukon government has issued a response to the Final Report of the Select Committee Regarding the Risks and Benefits of Hydraulic Fracturing.

Energy Mines and Resources statement on release of draft hydraulic fracturing documents
March 8, 2015 – Draft documents were inadvertently released. 

Ministers to attend annual mining convention in Toronto
February 27, 2015 – Ministers of Economic Development and Energy, Mines and Resources in Toronto to promote mineral sector.

Yukon government signs agreement with Kluane First Nation to conduct geophysical survey
February 27, 2015 – Airborne geophysical survey being conducted on a portion of the Kluane Ranges, near Burwash Landing.

Yukon maintains top ten standing in mineral investment
Feb 26, 2015 – The Yukon government is working to maintain and improve top standing as a place for mineral exploration and mining.

Premier, minister in Toronto to meet with economists and business leaders
February 4, 2015 – Premier Pasloski opened the Toronto Stock Exchange this morning and will meet with key business and financial leaders today.

Premier focuses on a stronger North at Ottawa meetings
January 29, 2015 – Premier discusses energy, infrastructure and jobs at Ottawa meetings.

Government of Yukon provides incentives for mineral exploration
January 26, 2015 – Yukon government announces incentives for mineral exploration industry.

Premier and ministers showcase Yukon’s mining industry at Roundup
January 23, 2015 – Premier and ministers showcase Yukon’s commitment to mining industry.


Land development protocols empower Yukon municipalities
December 16, 2014 – Land development protocols empower municipalities to plan long-term land development.

Incentive program introduced to improve the energy efficiency of Yukon homes
December 15, 2014 – New Good Energy Residential Incentive program improves energy efficiency and lowers household energy bills.

The Yukon government recognizes excellence in mining practices
November 18, 2014 – Awards for excellence in mining reclamation were given out at the Geoscience awards banquet last night.

Yukon government provides support for mining industry, sets long-term vision
November 17, 2014 – Minister of Energy, Mines and Resources announces direct support and long-term strategy development for mining industry.

Geoscience Forum and Trade Show showcases geology and mineral exploration
November 12, 2014 – The Geoscience Forum and Trade Show will be hosted in Whitehorse by the Yukon Chamber of Mines, November 15 to 19.

Yukon’s 2014 Farmers of the Year awarded for innovation
November 6, 2014 – Yukon’s 2014 Farmers of the Year awarded for innovation in agritourism and education.

Ministerial statement on Capstone Mining Corporation’s Minto Mine
September 17, 2014 – EMR Minister comments on suspension of open pit mining at Minto Mine.

Government launches lottery for 19 remote recreation lots in Southern Lakes
August 27, 2014 – Government launches lottery for 19 remote recreation lots.

New deputy minister for Energy, Mines and Resources
August 25, 2014 – Premier appoints George Ross as new deputy minister for the Department of Energy, Mines and Resources.

Tagish Avenue extension supports Carcross Memorandum of Understanding projects
August 4, 2014 – Tagish Avenue extension will enhance Carcross infrastructure and ensure room for future residential expansion.

Discover Yukon’s research forest and children’s playground
July 14, 2014 – Join a summer forest stroll and discover the playground while learning about forest research in Yukon.

Government of Yukon appoints new chair of Yukon Minerals Advisory Board
July 4, 2014 – New Chair appointed to Yukon Minerals Advisory Board.

Yukon government designates new areas requiring Class 1 notification
June 19, 2014 – The Yukon government has designated new areas that will require notification for low-level mining exploration activities.

Multi-party agreement reached on Dome Road solution
June 18, 2014 – Yukon government and Dawson City begin process to resolve issues on Dome Road and facilitate lot development.

Feedback wanted on draft Independent Power Production Policy
May 22, 2014 – YG is seeking feedback on this policy to enable utilities to purchase power from independent power producers.

Premier and minister to attend Dawson City Gold Show
May 15, 1014 – Premier Pasloski and Minister Kent connect with the Dawson mining community this weekend at the 28th annual Gold Show.

Hydroelectric power work plan released
May 8, 2014 – With the release of this new Work Plan, YG starts working toward a new hydroelectric power facility for Yukon.

Premier recognizes Mining and Geology Week
May 8, 2014 – Premier Pasloski paid tribute to Mining and Geology Week in the Yukon Legislature today.

Carcross Local Area Plan approved by Yukon government
April 11, 2014 – Yukon government approves Carcross Local Area Plan.

Contract awarded for Yukon-Alaska economic corridor feasibility study
April 9, 2014 – Contract will study feasibility of developing electrical & telecommunications connections between YK and southeast AK.

Rural land management and development services consolidated
April 1, 2014 – All rural land management services, outside of Whitehorse, are now centralized in one department – Energy, Mines and Resources.

Mount Lorne property owners can now subdivide lots
March 31, 2014 – The Yukon government has allowed subdivision of lots in Mount Lorne.

Yukon government to amend Public Utilities Act
March 27, 2014 – The Yukon government has tabled amendments to the Public Utilities Act.

Yukoners to benefit from electrical rebate renewal
March 27, 2014 – Yukon government is extending the Interim Electrical Rebate until March 31, 2015.

Premier and ministers attend industry conference with Yukon’s mineral sector
March 3, 2014 – Yukoner's mineral companies are being recognized and meeting with investors at PDAC.

New forest mapping agreement contributes to regional economic growth
February 27, 2014 – Haines Junction area forest vegetation inventory will be shared with other stakeholders.

Local renewable energy to supplement electrical generation in Yukon
February 25, 2014 – People with surplus renewable energy can be compensated for feeding power to the grid.

Yukon and Alaska moving forward on feasibility study for potential economic corridor
February 25, 2014 – Feasibility of developing electrical and telecommunication connections between Yukon and southeast Alaska to be assessed.

Waterfront development plans moving forward in Southern Lakes
February 19, 2014 – Twenty one-acre waterfront cottage lots scheduled for August lottery.

Yukon and British Columbia sign partnership agreement
February 12, 2014 – Sharing, cooperating and collaborating will advance mutual goals.

Yukon government salutes award-winning geologists
January 30, 2014 – Yukon-based geologists win prestigious award.

Yukon government increases funding to prospectors
January 27, 2014 – Funding increases by 40% to $1.4 million for 2014/15.

Premier and ministers to connect with mining industry at Roundup
January 24, 2014 – Mineral Exploration Roundup in Vancouver highlights exploration and geology in Yukon, B.C. and Alaska.

Expression of Interest received for Millhaven Bay development
January 22, 2014 – A tourism development project on Bennett Lake is being reviewed.

Government of Yukon approves land use plan for public lands in Peel Watershed region
January 21, 2014 – The plan balances environmental protection and economic opportunity.

Government of Yukon authorizes natural gas power generation in Watson Lake
January 10, 2014 – A 25-year licence has been issued to the Yukon Electrical Company Limited.


Yukon government amends mining acts and regulations
December 20, 2013 – Yukon government has amended its mining rules to comply with court direction.

Yukon and Carcross/Tagish First Nation sign land development MOU
December 16, 2013 – Potential projects will mean jobs and business opportunities, and growth in local economy.

New Community Energy Plan supports sustainable future for Town of Faro
November 26, 2013 – First of its kind Energy Plan helps Faro residents manage energy demands, uses and costs.

Project referred to Yukon Utilities Board for public review
November 22, 2013 – YEC's Whitehorse Diesel-Natural Gas Conversion project designated a regulated project.

Yukon government commits to new hydroelectric energy
November 21, 2013 – Hydroelectric power will meet Yukon's future energy demand from a clean, affordable source.

Responsible mining practices recognized by Yukon government
November 19, 2013 – Winners of the Robert E. Leckie awards were announced at the 41st Annual Geoscience Forum banquet in Whitehorse.

Consolidated services for rural community land management and development
November 18, 2013 – Centralized land planning and land management will improve service delivery to Yukoners.

Yukon businesses, communities benefit from local oil and gas industry
November 13, 2013 – A report indicates 87 Yukon businesses profited from a single exploration project near Eagle Plains.

New land regulation streamlines rezoning applications for rural Yukoners
November 13, 2013 – Rural landowners will benefit with quicker decisions through streamlined rezoning application process.

Yukon government putting modern animal health measures in place
November 6, 2013 – New act reflects public input and supports existing farming practices.

Agricultural advocates named Yukon’s top farmers for 2013
November 6, 2013 – Wayne and Alison Grove, operators of the El Dorado Game Ranch, honoured for their advocacy and innovation.

Legislative amendments address off-road vehicles in environmentally sensitive areas
November 5, 2013 – Future regulations will help protect land and habitats in sensitive and overused areas.

Oil and gas exploration advanced in North Yukon
November 4, 2013 – Geoscience Exploration Licence allows Northern Cross to undertake a 3D seismic program to explore for oil and gas.

Government of Yukon supports Yukon College planning initiatives
November 1, 2013 – Expanded land reserve for Yukon College will help its work towards meeting the needs of students, businesses and governments.

Micro-generation policy diversifies Yukon’s electrical energy supply
October 29, 2013 – Individuals with renewable electrical generation systems can financially benefit by selling their surplus electricity to Yukon's utilities.

Yukon and Alaska fund feasibility study to assess potential for further cooperation
October 15, 2013 – Potential for electrical and telecommunications exchange between Yukon and Southeast Alaska will be examined.

Mining royalties continue to provide benefits to Yukon
October 2, 2013 – Mining royalties coming from Bellekeno and Minto mines.

Yukon government authorizes Eagle Gold mine to start construction
September 23, 2013 – Victoria Gold Corp. can start construction on its Eagle Gold project.

This year’s research farm harvest serves a double purpose
September 3, 2013 – Research team donate Yukon-grown produce to Whitehorse Food Bank again this year.

Government of Yukon on track to exceed renewable energy targets
August 28, 2013 – Renewable energy generation targets set for Yukon exceeded seven years ahead of schedule.

Yukon government implements gas processing plant regulation
August 6, 2013 – Stringent regulation put in place for gas processing plants in Yukon.

Increased funding provided for Fireweed Community Market
August 2, 2013 – The Fireweed Community Market Society will receive $250,000 in a multi-year agreement from the Canada-Yukon Growing Forward 2 program to continue its work in promoting Yukon-grown food and products.

Yukon’s research forest adds new forestry-themed playground
July 12, 2013 – Take part in a summer forest stroll, discover the new playground and hike the interpretive trails at Yukon's research forest.

Watson Lake and Dawson City sign land development protocols with Yukon government
July 11, 2013 – Watson Lake and Dawson City can now plan long-term land development to meet their future needs.

Natural gas generators will save Yukoners money and reduce environmental impact
July 2, 2013 – The Yukon government has approved financial measures that will allow for the replacement of the aging diesel generators at the Whitehorse hydroelectric facility.

Yukon government launches bidding process for two oil and gas areas in north Yukon
June 18, 2013 – Two areas for oil and gas rights are open for bidding.

Government seeks feedback on changes to mining legislation
June 3, 2013 – Yukon government seeks feedback on changes to mining legislation.

Growing Forward 2 agricultural program announced in Yukon
April 24, 2013 – New federal-provincial/territorial cost-shared programs designed to help position Canada as a world leader in agriculture and agri-food.

Enhancing baseline data on forest resources and vegetation
April 10, 2013 – A two-year project to update the vegetation inventory in the south-central Yukon will commence shortly.

Adding capacity will assist with local area planning initiatives
April 8, 2013 – Land Planning Branch invests in local area planning and zoning.

Yukon government releases feedback from Peel Watershed Land Use Plan consultation
April 4, 2013 What We Heard summary describes comments received during the Peel Watershed consultation

Public review of proposed changes to Animal Health Act launched
March 26, 2013 – A public review of the Animal Health Act will help the government respond more effectively to health threats involving wild and domestic animals

Dawson Forest Resources Management Plan finalized
March 21, 2013 – Acceptance of the Dawson Forest Resources Management Plan marks a new era of sustainable forest management in the Dawson region.

Moving forward on land use planning for the Peel Watershed region
March 20, 2013 – Yukon government compiling over 2,000 submissions received during the consultation on the Peel Watershed regional land use plan.

Yukon government seeks feedback on draft of gas processing plant regulation
March 8, 2013 – Yukoners asked to provide feedback on regulations governing gas processing plants.

Three Yukon geologists receive prospecting and mineral exploration award
January 30, 2013 – Three Yukon geologists are recognized for excellence in mineral prospecting at Vancouver event.

Yukon government gives mining exploration program a boost
January 29, 2013 – A popular government mineral exploration fund has been given a boost.

Yukon government authorizes two new mining operations
January 28, 2013 – Government authorizes new mining operations in historic silver district.

Yukon government seeks views on requested oil and gas rights in north Yukon
January 25, 2013 – The Yukon government is seeking views on two requested areas for oil and gas rights.


2012 Leckie Award winners showcase excellence in mining and reclamation
November 20, 2012 – Three mining companies have been awarded for outstanding proactive and innovation in mining this year.

Yukon Grain Farm owners named Yukon’s Farmers of the Year
November 5, 2012 – Steve and Bonnie MacKenzie-Grieve, owners of the Yukon Grain Farm near Whitehorse, were named the 2012 Farmers of the Year.

Amendments to Yukon Oil and Gas Act will raise standards, bring opportunities
November 1, 2012 – The amended act will provide safeguards and benefits for Yukoners.

Agriculture conference marks 25th anniversary
October 30, 2012 – Learn about livestock health, bookkeeping, accounting and the Yukon Irrigation Strategy at this year’s North of 60 Agriculture Conference.

Government seeks feedback from Yukoners on Peel Watershed land use plan
October 23, 2012 – Yukon government launches public consultation on Peel Watershed land use plan.

Mining royalties benefit Yukoners
October 9, 2012 – Operators of Yukon mines have filed their royalty payments for the 2011 year.

Public input sought on recommended Dawson Forest Resources Management Plan
September 24, 2012 – Comment on the recommended Dawson Forest Resources Management Plan until November 9.

Yukon Mining and Yukon Lands Map Viewers modernized
September 21, 2012 – The Government of Yukon 's new Yukon Mining and Yukon Lands map viewers are now online.

Yukon hosting federal, provincial and territorial ministers of agriculture
September 12, 2012 – The annual meeting, being held September 12 to 14, will discuss agriculture topics including food processing, risk management tools and trade and market access.

Interim staking withdrawal extended for Peel Watershed region
August 30, 2012 – The Government of Yukon today issued a temporary extension to the interim withdrawal from mineral staking for all lands in the Peel Watershed Region until May 4, 2013.

Yukon government improves inspection of quartz mining operations
August 17, 2012 – Government moves to increase clarity and consistency of inspections at quartz mining operations.

Lease agreement signed to support development of agriculture infrastructure
August 1, 2012 – Lease agreement signed for rezoned land on Mayo Road to enable planning for centralized infrastructure for agriculture sector.

Yukon government implements staking prohibition covering most of Whitehorse
July 19, 2012 – Prohibition order issued on quartz mineral staking covering 74 per cent of land within the City of Whitehorse.

Learn about Yukon’s research forest at the spring open house
May 25, 2012 – Become acquainted with the Gunnar Nilsson and Mickey Lammers Research Forest and discover all it has to offer.

Guide issued to outline appeal process for land decisions
April 19, 2012 – Land application appeal guidelines now available.

Government of Yukon announces decision on oil and gas postings
April 12, 2012 – Oil and gas exploration rights will not be issued for the areas of the Whitehorse Trough requested for posting in January.

Fox Lake local area plan process announced
April 11, 2012 – Local area plan coming for Fox Lake.

InFARMation celebrates 25 years
April 10, 2012 – Learn about agriculture programs and services, local events, crop management, agricultural issues and the latest research in the InFARMation newsletter.

Affordable rental housing supported with innovative land offering
March 23, 2012 – Lot 262 released to support the development of new affordable housing in Whitehorse.

Principles developed to complete Peel Plan
February 14, 2012 – Principles to provide guidance for timely completion of Peel regional land use plan

Interest expressed in southern Yukon oil and gas rights
February 3, 2012 – Comments invited on any environmental, socio-economic, or surface access concerns on southern Yukon areas requested for possible oil and gas rights.


New core library facility to support Yukon geoscience research
November 21, 2011 – Yukon's core library and rock collection have a new home.

Rare mining publications donated to Energy, Mines and Resources Library
November 17, 2011 – EMR Library welcomes over 1,000 rare and historic publications donated by the Yukon Chamber of Mines.

Dawson City producers named Yukon's top farmers
November 17, 2011 – Lucy and Jack Vogt named the 2011 Farmers of the Year.

Government seeks ideas on new affordable housing
November 7, 2011 – YG is seeking creative ideas from the private sector on solutions to address affordable rental housing.

Agriculture conference supports sector’s growth north of 60°
November 3, 2011 – Learn about equipment, labour and market opportunities at this year's North of 60° Agriculture Conference on November 5.

Kwanlin Dün First Nation and Yukon partner on residential land development
September 2, 2011 – Partnership towards potential land opportunities.

Work on land use plan for Peel watershed to continue
July 26, 2011 – Yukon government to study final plan for Peel watershed

Discover Yukon’s research forest at the Spring Forest Stroll
May 25, 2011 – Join the Spring Forest Stroll and discover new trails while learning about forest research being conducted in Yukon.

Yukon celebrates Canada Water Week
March 14, 2011 – Celebrating Canada Water Week activities in Yukon.

Draft Net Metering Policy to shape Yukon’s future in energy
March 1, 2011 – Net Metering Policy to enable Yukoners to generate their own electricity available for review.

Yukon government seeks modifications to Peel regional plan
February 22, 2011 – Government of Yukon seeks to balance varied interests in Peel.

Yukon ushers in new era of forest management
January 31, 2011 – The Forest Resources Act and regulations become effective today.

All eyes on Yukon at the Mineral Exploration Roundup
January 24, 2011 – Yukon at the forefront of major mining and exploration conference.


Effective implementation emphasized in Peel plan discussions
December 17, 2010 – Effective and collaborative plan implementation is being emphasized by Yukon government during discussions among the plan parties on the current Recommended Peel Watershed Regional Land Use Plan.

Staking withdrawal extension to support Peel Watershed regional planning process
December 17, 2010 – Pending formal approval, Yukon government will extend current subsurface mineral staking withdrawal in the Peel Watershed Region to provide certainty during the remaining steps in the region’s land use planning process.

Progress continues on Peel Watershed Regional Land Use Plan
December 17, 2010 – Measures to enable a response to the Peel Watershed Planning Commission by the end of February 2011 were agreed to at meeting of representatives from the five parties tasked with completing the Peel Watershed planning process.

2010 Leckie Award winners demonstrate environmental excellence in mining
November 23, 2010 – Awards ceremony celebrates environmental responsibility in Yukon mining practices.

Geoscience Forum to showcase Yukon’s thriving minerals sector
November 19, 2010 – Yukon's geological discoveries and thriving mineral industry will be showcased at this local forum.

Outstanding contribution to agriculture recognized
November 8, 2010 – The 2010 Yukon Farmer of the Year was awarded to Alice Boland of Carmacks at this year's North of 60 Agriculture Banquet

Agriculture conference and banquet offers food for thought north of 60°
November 3, 2010 – Yukon farmers to hear experts and share ideas at this year’s North of 60° Agriculture Conference and Banquet.

$5.9 million royalty payment made to Selkirk First Nation
October 25, 2010 – Minto mine royalty transferred and funding for early childhood development centre approved

Energy, Mines and Resources Library celebrates Canadian Library Month
October 14, 2010 – Yukoners are invited to the EMR Library Open House on Wednesday, October 20, 2010 from 12 p.m. to 3 p.m.

New regulation will guide the future of Yukon's forests
September 29, 2010 – Modern forest legislation will come into effect on January 31, 2011

Renewable energy and advances in sustainable mining to be highlighted at Energy and Mines Ministers’ Conference
September 16, 2010 – Success in Yukon mining, renewable energy and sustainable mining will be the focus for Minister Rouble at this week’s annual Energy and Mines Ministers’ Conference.

Circumpolar conference seeds ideas for Yukon agriculture
September 1, 2010 – Yukoners head to Norway to sow perspectives and reap expertise on farming in the North.

Federal funding for Beaufort Sea research supports Yukon’s interests
August 31, 2010 – Research will help support the development of a vibrant offshore oil and gas industry that provides benefits to Yukoners.

Forest Health Report shows spruce beetle infestation in decline
August 5, 2010 – After 20 years, the spruce beetle infestation in southwest Yukon is active only on the fringes of the original infested area.

Agriculture research helps put Yukon grown food on local plates
July 30, 2010 – Join Agriculture branch staff Wednesday, August 4 to learn how government research is assisting local food production.

Consultation begins on Recommended Peel Land Use Plan
July 23, 2010 – Public and stakeholder input will be accepted until October 1.

Oil and gas rights awarded in Eagle Plain basin
June 11, 2010 – Northern Cross is the successful bidder for available oil and gas rights in Eagle Plain basin.

Remediation work to begin at Faro Mine site
June 7, 2010 – Early remediation work will address potential environmental risks at the Faro Mine complex this summer.

Good Energy program promotes cost cutting energy products
May 12, 2010 – Strategizing for energy efficiencies

Royalty regulation supports direct investment in Yukon communities
May 11, 2010 – Changes provide greater certainty to the mining sector.

Yukon youth highlighted during Mining and Geology Week
May 10, 2010 – A chance to learn about minerals and mining

Yukon meets the world’s mineral industry at PDAC
March 5, 2010 – Yukon promotes potential at world-renowned conference.

Conference to explore energy solutions for northern climates
February 10, 2010 – Technical experts gather in Whitehorse to explore northern-specific energy solutions for northern commercial and residential buildings.

Interim staking withdrawal made to support Peel Watershed Regional Planning Process
February 4, 2010 – Interim mineral staking withdrawal issued for Peel watershed region.

Letter of Understanding signed on Peel watershed planning process
February 4, 2010 – Commitment is made to work collaboratively on Peel Watershed Regional Land Use Plan review and approval process.

Public consultation period on energy policies extended
January 28, 2010 – Yukoners will have another month to comment on innovative energy solutions.

Yukon metals shine at Mineral Exploration Roundup
January 18, 2010 – Yukon’s metals shine as global representatives of the mineral and mining exploration sector gather.

Yukon government encouraged by Joint Review Panel report
January 7, 2010 – The North is better off with the Mackenzie Gas Project than without it, according to the Joint Review Panel’s recent report.