Government of Yukon

FOR RELEASE     #09-184
August 5, 2009

New Road Infrastructure Directly Benefits Whitehorse Residents

WHITEHORSE – Area residents and officials from Canada, Yukon and Whitehorse were the first people to officially use the new Hamilton Boulevard extension today.

Community Services Minister Archie Lang, Honourable Dan Lang, Senator, MLA for Whitehorse West Elaine Taylor and City of Whitehorse Mayor Bev Buckway gathered to officially open the final section of the roadway.

“Canada is pleased to support this new roadway construction through joint funding arrangements with the Government of Yukon and the City of Whitehorse under the Municipal Rural Infrastructure Fund (MRIF),” said Senator Lang. “With these major improvements, we are investing in this community’s economic future.”

“A quarter of all Whitehorse residents live in subdivisions served by Hamilton Boulevard and will benefit directly by having this new access route,” said Minister Lang. “While this is one of the last MRIF projects, we’re looking ahead to announcing milestones for many more projects under new Canada-Yukon funding agreements.”

“The Hamilton Boulevard extension has been a top priority for area residents and a top priority for me as the MLA for Whitehorse West,” Taylor said. “I’m proud that the Yukon government was able to fund the majority of this project and, working with others, build this new corridor for the benefit of all.”

“The Hamilton Boulevard extension represents a key piece of infrastructure in Whitehorse for traffic management and emergency services,” said Mayor Bev Buckway. “This new road will improve traffic flow during busy periods and provide city fire crews with an alternative access route in the event of an emergency.”

Construction began in 2007, when the Government of Canada, Government of Yukon and the City of Whitehorse agreed to share the $15 million cost of the 3.6 km roadway. Canada and Yukon each contributed $5 million through the Canada-Yukon Municipal Rural Infrastructure Fund, the City of Whitehorse contributed $3.5 million and Yukon provided the extra $1.5 million in funding plus project management.


See backgrounder below.

Emily Younker
Cabinet Communications
Brenda Wale
Communications, Community Services
Matthew Grant
Executive Assistant to the City Manager


Backgrounder, Hamilton Boulevard Extension

Construction Statistics

• The new road is 3.6 kilometres in length.
• 150,000 cubic metres of rock needed blasting, in some cases twice, to break down large pieces into the size that could be moved with equipment available.
• 200,000 square metres of crushed gravels were applied to the roadbed during construction.
• 71,000 square metres of asphalt were used to complete the road.

Agreement with City Completed

The Copper Ridge Development Agreement between the City of Whitehorse and Yukon Government specified that Hamilton Boulevard improvements were required as Copper Ridge grew.  Twinning of the first kilometre up to the Canada Games Centre was completed in 2001, and the extension, begun in 2007, now connects the Falcon Drive South intersection in Copper Ridge, and the Lobird Access Road, with the Alaska Highway at the Robert Service Way intersection.

Canada-Yukon Municipal Rural Infrastructure Fund

The Canada-Yukon Municipal Rural Infrastructure Fund (MRIF) is a federal-territorial funding program created to help address the infrastructure needs of urban and rural areas. The program began in 2004-05 and will run until 2011-12. It provides Yukon First Nations and municipalities with access to the same quality of public infrastructure as communities in the rest of Canada.

Over the life of the Municipal Rural Infrastructure Fund agreement, the governments of Canada and Yukon will each invest over $19 million in various community infrastructure projects. To date, Canada and Yukon have committed $34.6 million in MRIF funding and have approved 19 Yukon community infrastructure projects.

Eligible projects include: water, wastewater, solid waste, public transit, local roads, culture and recreation, tourism, environmental energy improvements, and connectivity. 

Approximately $3.6 M remains unallocated and the MRIF Management Committee is assessing projects from the last intake. 


MRIF Approved Projects Listing



Total Eligible Costs


Approved Projects- Intake One (April 2005) 



Champagne & Aishihik

Water, Sewer & Roads

 $            622,032.00

 $            414,688.00

Town of Faro

Sewer Line-Van Gorda Creek

 $              88,490.00

 $              58,993.00

Village of Mayo

Community Centre

 $         7,168,952.00

 $           ,682,738.00

Village of Teslin

Force Main

 $         1,458,409.00

 $         1,268,182.00

Village of Teslin

Smarchville Line Replacement

 $            114,000.00

 $              76,000.00

Watson Lake


 $            750,894.37

 $            500,774.88

Whitehorse - Ski Society

Ski Chalet

 $         1,712,087.34

 $         1,034,100.75

YG for Marsh Lake

Recreation Centre

 $         1,793,765.00

 $         1,793,765.00



 $       13,708,629.71

 $         9,829,241.63





Approved Projects- Intake Two (Nov. 2005-Extended to March 2006) 


Dawson City

Rec Centre Upgrade

 $            389,392.78

$            259,608.16

Liard First Nation

BST of Two Mile

 $            416,913.69

 $            277,956.36

Selkirk First Nation

Piped Water System

 $         2,686,411.00

 $         1,718,407.00

City of Whitehorse

Takhini North Reconstruction

 $         3,799,427.00

 $         2,532,952.00

Town of Watson Lake

Water and Sewer Expansion

 $            427,375.00

 $            284,917.00



 $         7,719,519.47

 $         5,073,840.52





Approved Projects- Intake Three (August 2006) 



Trondek Hwechin FN

Community Playground

 $            225,000.00

 $            150,000.00

Selkirk FN

Sewage Disposal Facility

 $            250,000.00

 $            166,666.00

FN of Nacho Nyak Dun

Cemetery Access Road

 $            316,941.15

 $            211,304.66

City of Whitehorse

Hamilton Blvd Extension

 $       15,000,000.00

 $       10,000,000.00



 $       15,791,941.15

 $       10,527,970.66





Approved Projects- Intake Four (August 2007-Approved in Sept. 2008 and June 2009)  

Village of Haines Junction

Water Supply Improvements

 $            367,900.00

 $            245,267.00


CAFN Cultural Centre

 $       12,000,000.00

 $         8,000,000.00



 $       12,367,900.00

 $         8,245,267.00

All Approved Project Subtotal


 $       49,587,990.33

 $       33,676,319.81

MRIF Secretariat

Administrative Expenses

 $            928,000.00

 $            928,000.00







 $       50,515,990.33

 $       34,604,319.81

MRIF Budget



 $       38,302,000.00

Funds Not Committed



 $         3,697,680.19