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January 29, 2018

Government of Yukon celebrates partnerships and strong presence at industry forums

Premier Sandy Silver and Minister of Energy, Mines and Resources Ranj Pillai have returned from the Vancouver Investment Conference and Mineral Exploration Roundup, both of which were held in Vancouver last week.

The Invest Yukon Pavilion at the Vancouver Resource Investment Conference – a showcase of Yukon-based projects, companies and investment partners – was operated by the Yukon Mining Alliance. On Sunday, January 21, Premier Silver spoke there to a standing room-only crowd about investment opportunities in the territory. The Government of Yukon was proud to support the Yukon Mining Alliance as part of their effort in Vancouver.

In addition to giving technical talks and showcasing Yukon’s mineral industry at Roundup, the Government of Yukon supported the Yukon First Nation Chamber of Commerce, who hosted a successful Energy and Mining Forum. This event brought together First Nation development corporations, mining industry executives and government officials to identify opportunities and challenges in Yukon. Minister Pillai provided opening remarks for the forum, while the Premier spoke at the event’s evening reception.

Government officials also attended Yukon Night – an event hosted by the Yukon Chamber of Mines to celebrate Yukon’s unique minerals history, culture and its commitment to innovation in mining and exploration. There, Premier Silver and the Council of Yukon First Nations Grand Chief Peter Johnston spoke of their appreciation for the event and welcomed the audience to one of Roundup’s most popular gatherings.

The Government of Yukon would like to thank the Yukon Chamber of Mines, Yukon Mining Alliance, the Yukon First Nation Chamber of Commerce and the Yukon Chamber of Commerce for their commitment and dedication on behalf of Yukoners to the promotion of mineral investment and exploration in Yukon.


“The Yukon Mining Alliance, the Yukon First Nation Chamber of Commerce, the Yukon Chamber of Mines and the Yukon Chamber of Commerce worked hard to represent and promote Yukon’s incredible investment opportunity at both Roundup and the investment conference this year. The Government of Yukon is proud to support and collaborate with them to grow Yukon’s mineral industry – and we thank them for their ongoing partnership.”

– Minister of Energy, Mines and Resources Ranj Pillai

“We are very pleased with the turnout at this year’s Invest Yukon Pavilion at the annual Vancouver Resource Investment Conference, which kicked off this past Sunday with more than 200 delegates in attendance for opening remarks. Yukon Mining Alliance’s ‘Klondike Trail’ has expanded from 6 Yukon companies in 2011 to 15 this year, with the Invest Yukon Pavilion recognized as one of the busiest showcases of the conference. After seven years of strategically highlighting Yukon’s investment potential, the Yukon Mining Alliance, Government of Yukon and Yukon companies are seeing a significant return on their investment in the distinctive Invest Yukon marketing model.”

– Yukon Mining Alliance chair Paul West-Sells

“This was an exciting and busy week for our organization and our members. We hit a key milestone by hosting our 5th Anniversary Mining & Energy Forum where attendees continued to advance discussions on active engagement, collaboration and business opportunities between Yukon First Nation Development Corporations, Aboriginal Businesses and the minerals industry. We were also pleased to join Yukon Mining Alliance and Yukon mining companies, to share the story of Yukon’s mineral investment opportunities at the Invest Yukon Pavilion during the annual Vancouver Resource Investment Conference.”

– Yukon First Nation Chamber of Commerce president Lynn Hutton

“AME Roundup brought all sectors of Yukon’s mineral exploration industry together with a strong presence from Yukon First Nations and Yukon Government which provided a unified and powerful message to the global geological and investment industry. The burgeoning and successful model of collaboration in Yukon projects was the theme to an attendance of over 6000 this year at AME Roundup which resonated with attendees and will last long after this year’s conference.”

– Yukon Chamber of Mines president Sue Craig

“The AME Roundup was well-attended this year, with strong representation from Yukon businesses who serve the mining sector. Mining companies are reporting funded exploration activities and mine development in the Yukon for this upcoming season, which the Yukon Chamber of Commerce believes will translate into more employment and higher GDP for the Yukon. The opportunity for rural Yukon businesses is especially important to recognize and prepare for.”

– Yukon Chamber of Commerce chair Stanley Noel

Quick facts

  • The Yukon Mining Alliance is a strategic industry alliance of Yukon’s leading exploration, development and mining companies. They focus on promoting mineral investment in Yukon, delivering the message that Yukon has a unique competitive advantage as a politically stable and mining-friendly jurisdiction.
  • The Yukon First Nation Chamber of Commerce supports Yukon First Nation business development, connecting their member businesses with valuable resources and opportunities for growth and success.
  • The Yukon Chamber of Mines works with the Government of Yukon, First Nations and its membership together to forge partnerships and help facilitate an environment of responsible mineral exploration and development.
  • The Yukon Chamber of Commerce is the collective voice of the Yukon’s business community, working to create a climate conducive to a strong private-sector economy by providing leadership and representation on issue sand projects affecting business.

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Sunny Patch
Cabinet Communications

Anne Lewis
Executive Director, Yukon Mining Alliance

Lynn Hutton
President, Yukon First Nation Chamber of Commerce

Samson Hartland
Executive Director, Yukon Chamber of Mines

Stanley Noel
Chair, Yukon Chamber of Commerce

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