Government of Yukon

January 16, 2018

Dawson ice bridge under construction

Government of Yukon staff and contractors began their attempt to build an ice bridge in Dawson this afternoon. This marks the first time that the government has tried to induce ice formation for the purposes of creating an ice bridge.

If the construction is successful and ice and weather conditions are favourable, the government will expect the bridge to be open to the public in a few weeks.


“This is the first time we have used this kind of technology in Yukon and we are excited to see the results. If the ice and weather co-operate with us, we will hopefully have a workable ice bridge within weeks.”

–Minister of Highways and Public Works Richard Mostyn

Quick facts

  • For this project, the Government of Yukon is using ice making equipment that was recently used in the Northwest Territories.


Sunny Patch
Cabinet Communications

Heather McKay
Communications, Highways and Public Works

News Release #18-006