Government of Yukon

November 15, 2017

Contract awarded to replace the Nares River (Naatasehéen) Bridge in Carcross

Ruskin Construction Ltd. has been awarded the contract to replace the Nares River (Naatasehéen) Bridge in Carcross.

The wooden bridge will be replaced by one made of concrete and steel, which will provide greater structural integrity and meet current and future traffic demands. Construction is planned to begin in winter 2017–18 and is expected to last two years.

This project marks the first use of the new value-based procurement method by the Government of Yukon, which includes criteria for First Nation participation and northern experience and knowledge. Ruskin Construction Limited will be working in partnership with the Carcross Tagish Management Corporation with a Yukon Asset Construction Agreement in place, which will ensure that the Carcross/Tagish First Nation benefits from a number of employment, training and economic development opportunities.

By investing in bridge infrastructure, the Government of Yukon is supporting safety, maintaining vital transportation links for residents and helping to advance the long-term prosperity of Yukon communities.


“We’re delighted by the economic opportunities for the Carcross/Tagish First Nation, and the jobs that will be available for skilled trades people and labourers. This project will provide significant benefits to the community of Carcross, including a modern bridge designed with future use in mind – as well as improved access by those on foot or bicycle.”

–Minister of Highways and Public Work Richard Mostyn

“We are excited to provide employment in our community and to offer short- and long- term training opportunities for our Citizens through our Development Corporation.”

–Carcross/Tagish First Nation Khà Shâde Héni Andy Carvill

Quick facts

  • The light, 17 span bridge was built in 1970 to accommodate mining activity in the area.
  • The existing bridge was not designed to accommodate the large loads and demands of today’s vehicles and is being damaged as a result.
  • The Ruskin Construction Ltd. bid came in at $12,662,494.


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