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November 6, 2017

Liquor legislation review to address present-day needs

The Government of Yukon is launching a review of the Liquor Act and Regulations. The goal is to adopt best practices for modern-day realities, address known issues concerning the administration of the legislation and meet current and future needs while appropriately balancing social responsibility and local economic opportunities.

The review will inform policies and updates to Yukon’s liquor laws.

Yukon citizens are encouraged to provide input on how the liquor laws can improve to suit consumer needs, reduce alcohol-related harms and clarify licensing, compliance and enforcement requirements.

The engagement period will run for three months from now until February 2018. Yukon Liquor Corporation staff will visit communities to hear local issues and seek input from First Nation governments, municipalities, businesses, established liquor licensees, enforcement agencies, the public and organizations working to reduce alcohol-related harms.

As part of the review, Yukoners are invited to fill out an online survey, which is available until December 15. Printed surveys are available at territorial agent offices in the communities, at the Whitehorse liquor store and at the main government administration building on Second Avenue in Whitehorse. Results of the Yukon-wide engagement will be posted online in the New Year.

Amendments to the Yukon Liquor Act are expected to be tabled in the legislative assembly next fall.

Yukoners can also email written submissions to


“This is an opportunity to examine the existing rules around liquor in Yukon. We are committed to an evidence-based approach to ensure an appropriate balance of social responsibility, consumer access and local economic opportunity.”

–Minister responsible for the Yukon Liquor Corporation John Streicker

Quick facts 

  • The last major review of the Liquor Act was completed in 2001. Changes to the legislation have been made to address specific issues since then, most recently in 2016.
  • The Yukon Liquor Corporation encourages responsible consumption by supporting initiatives such as: Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) campaigns; Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Society Yukon projects; the Northern Territories Alcohol Study; substance-free grad events; organizations working to reduce alcohol-related harms; and, information about standard drink size and low risk drinking guidelines.
  • In addition to six government-run liquor stores, Yukon has almost 150 licensed liquor establishments including off-sales, RV parks, bars, restaurants, sport clubs, breweries and distilleries. Licensed businesses are important economic drivers and form a cornerstone of Yukon’s hospitality sector.

Learn more: Survey and engagement plan

Sunny Patch
Cabinet Communications

Patch Groenewegen
Yukon Liquor Corporation

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