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October 20, 2017

Yukon Housing Corporation launches website to assist Yukoners seeking housing

Yukoners now have easy access to information that details how to access housing with support services, find rental housing or buy a home.

A new website, Looking for Housing, has been launched by the Yukon Housing Corporation. It provides information on where and how to find housing in the territory and forms part of the Housing Action Plan for Yukon.

In addition to the website, information cards are available at non-profit service providers and public places – including emergency shelters and public libraries – to share information with Yukoners who do not have access to the internet.


“Yukoners in need of housing now have a single portal to assist them in finding safe and affordable emergency, rental and homeownership options in the territory. The website also shares information about the many housing initiatives available from the Government of Yukon and our partners in Yukon communities.”

–Minister Responsible for the Yukon Housing Corporation Pauline Frost

Quick facts

  • The Housing Action Plan for Yukon was adopted in 2015. It envisions a Yukon where a diversity and abundance of housing options increases the health and stability of all individuals and communities.
  •  The website fulfills objective 2.2 of the Housing Action Plan for Yukon: Improve rental outcomes for both landlords and tenants. One key action includes direction to create an online ‘one stop shop’ directory that captures all rental and housing information and educational resources publicly available.”

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Sunny Patch
Cabinet Communications

Sarah Murray
Communications, Yukon Housing Corporation


News Release #17-223