Government of Yukon

October 18, 2017

Mental health services expand to provide support to Yukon’s French-speaking population

Effective immediately, Yukon Francophones experiencing psychological distress will have access to a confidential telephone support service.

The Yukon government has signed a 30-month agreement with TAO Tel-Aide, a telephone helpline based out of south-western Quebec. The service offers free, anonymous and confidential telephone assistance for French-speaking individuals in need of emotional support.

The service is available 24-hours per day, every day at 1-800-567-9699.


“Mental health support for all Yukoners is a priority for this government. When people are in crisis it can be difficult to express their feelings in a second language – this agreement offers a way for French-speaking Yukoners to obtain services in their own language. This is a great addition to our mental health tool box in Yukon.”

–Minister of Health and Social Services Pauline Frost

“TAO Tel-Aide has been working for 40 years to support individuals in Canada’s capital region. We have here a wonderful opportunity to open our service to an even greater number of Francophones. It is our pleasure to collaborate with our partners in Yukon in order to improve access to French language services in the region. Together we will be better able to make a difference in the lives of individuals who need to talk and be heard. Finally, changing the world, one call at a time.”

–TAO Tel-Aide executive director Jean-François Parent

Quick facts

  • The 30-month contract with TAO Tel-Aide is valued at $69,000 and is being funded by the French Language Services Directorate through the 2017-2020 Canada-Yukon Agreement on French Language Services. This $14 million Agreement over 3 years allows the Government of Yukon to improve access to French language services.
  • TAO Tel-Aide provides similar service to Alberta and Ontario as well as Quebec. It is a non-profit organization founded in 1974 and supported by more than 50 trained volunteers.
  • Its services are available to people of all ages.

Learn more: TAO Tel-Aide Helpline


Sunny Patch
Cabinet Communications

Pat Living
Communications, Health and Social Services

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