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October 6, 2017

Government of Yukon supports Kluane First Nation Elders’ Memory Project

The Government of Yukon has provided the Kluane First Nation with $18,750 through the Community Development Fund to hire professional researchers to record and document the life and community histories of its Elders, with the goal of producing a legacy publication.

The research team will collect visual portraits as well as record and transcribe the oral histories of up to 10 Elders. Irreplaceable information will be gathered through their recollections, ranging from life lessons and other narratives to connections between individuals, families, events, traditional teachings, and points of interest in the Kluane First Nations’ Traditional Territory.

The project will create approximately 300 hours of employment for four Yukon researchers. When completed, it will provide a rich web of history and oral stories to support interpretive and educational programs for generations to come.


“Projects such as the Kluane First Nation’s visual and oral history initiative keep a region’s cultural history alive. Identifying and supporting projects like this one is important, and the Government of Yukon is proud to assist with this historical recording project.”

–Minister of Economic Development Ranj Pillai

“Kluane First Nation is very pleased to have received Community Development Fund support for the Kluane Elders Memory Project. Documenting our oral history in this manner allows us to pass down our traditions, knowledge and history to the younger generations, and ensures a permanent record of this important history for our people. The publication will be the second edition of Łù’à̀n Män Ye Shaw – Burwash Landing Elders (© Kluane First Nation, 1999) produced by Katie Johnson and supported by the Yukon Government Aboriginal Languages Services. This adds to the small amount of Yukon First Nation documented histories and we are excited to begin work on the project.”

–Chief of Kluane First Nation Robert Dickson

Quick facts

  • The Community Development Fund’s primary goal is to support projects that provide long-term benefits and value to Yukon communities. The projects are awarded funds based on merit and the ability to demonstrate social, cultural and economic benefits.
  • The Community Development Fund is divided into three tiers with five intake deadlines:
    • Tier I: Applications of $20,000 or less (intake deadlines in January, May, July and October).
    • Tier 2: Applications of $20,001 to $75,000 (intake deadline in May and September).
    • Tier 3: Applications of $75,001 or more (intake deadline in January).

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Cabinet Communications

Juanita Power
Communications, Economic Development

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