Government of Yukon

September 28, 2017

Government of Yukon posts access to information requests online

Government of Yukon access to information requests related to government programming are now available for public review online.

Effective today, the ATIPP office will post summaries of completed requests to its website on a monthly basis. Requests in process will not appear until they have been closed, and applicants’ names will remain confidential.

The launch of this initiative coincides with Right to Know Week, which promotes awareness across Canada about an individual’s right to access government information.


“We are committed to getting more public information into Yukoners’ hands. Posting access to information requests online is the latest service we have launched to do this.”
–Minister of Highways and Public Works Richard Mostyn

Quick facts

  • The Yukon Access to Information and Protection of Privacy (ATIPP) Act ensures that individuals have the right to access information that the Government of Yukon may retain about them, as well as the right to access information about government business.
  • Access to information requests may also be made for personal information held by public bodies. This information is considered confidential under the ATIPP Act and cannot be released publicly.
  • Currently, the Government of Canada and four provinces (British Columbia, Manitoba, Nova Scotia, and Newfoundland and Labrador) publish the access to information requests they receive online.

Learn more: Access to information requests on the ATIPP site 
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Sunny Patch
Cabinet Communications

Heather McKay
Communications, Highways and Public Works

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