Government of Yukon

September 14, 2017

Federal focus aligns with the Government of Yukon’s mandate to support seniors

An aging population is presenting social and economic challenges to all jurisdictions across Canada, and a Ministers Responsible for Seniors forum this week will look at the impact these challenges are having.

The forum provides a mechanism for sharing information, facilitating collaboration and applying a lens on aging to key policy issues. It also sets new priorities for the coming years, one of which is aging in place.

Aging in place, which often refers to a person’s ability to grow old where they live, is a priority for the Government of Yukon. The national agenda supports the Government of Yukon’s work that will get underway shortly to engage Yukoners in defining what aging in place is and what it means to them.


“To me, aging well at home and in communities is about supporting healthy aging through lifestyle choices, housing, transportation, community connections and broad, age-friendly community planning. It’s a continuum of services in the right place at the right time.

In Yukon we have additional challenges as we work to balance unique community needs. We will be looking for partners to be part of the solution to these challenges.”

–Minister of Health and Social Services Pauline Frost

Quick facts

  • Minister Frost is attending the 18th annual meeting of the federal, provincial and territorial Ministers Responsible for Seniors Forum in St. John’s, Newfoundland on September 14.


Sunny Patch
Cabinet Communications

Pat Living
Communications, Health and Social Services


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