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September 12, 2017

Financial Advisory Panel to meet with Yukoners across the territory

The Financial Advisory Panel will meet with Yukoners in 15 communities in September and October to present and discuss options that help support Yukon’s vision for a bright financial future. The panel has used public input to create options for the Government of Yukon on how it should manage the territory’s finances, and is now seeking feedback on these options.

Between September 12 and October 6, the Government of Yukon invites Yukon residents, First Nations, businesses, non-governmental organizations and other organizations to complete a survey, participate in online discussions, submit written feedback or attend one of multiple meetings with panel members to provide input that will inform the final options presented to the Government of Yukon.

The latest engagement with Yukoners is an extension of the conversation that started in June, seeking input on the financial priorities of residents. All participation methods provide contributors with the ability to comment on draft options informed by feedback received during the summer process.

At the conclusion of this engagement, the panel will submit a report containing its final options to the Government of Yukon. This report will inform future government financial planning and will support Yukon as it returns its finances to a healthy position while focusing on priorities in a sustainable manner.


“The options developed by Yukon’s Financial Advisory Panel will carry significant weight as we develop a plan to return Yukon to a healthy and sustainable financial position. We encourage Yukoners to continue to engage with the panel and look forward to reviewing its findings later this fall.”

–Premier and Minister of Finance Sandy Silver

“We are pleased and impressed with the thoughtful feedback we received from Yukoners this summer. The panel considered all submissions as we drafted our financial options. We look forward to productive conversations with Yukoners over the next month as we prepare our final report for government.”

–Financial Advisory Panel chair Norm McIntyre

Quick facts

  • More than 150 Yukoners, governments and organizations submitted responses as part of the government’s engagement process this summer.
  • Panel members include Yukoners Norm McIntyre (chair) and Grace Southwick, as well as Tim O’Neill, Ron Kneebone and Trevor Tombe.
  • The formal Government of Yukon response to financial options will be shared publicly this fall.
  • The work and options presented to the Government of Yukon will help inform conversations and deliberation as part of the 2017–18 and future year budgeting processes.

Learn more: Complete the survey
Participate in online discussions and view a full list of meeting dates at Yukon Plans

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Cabinet Communications

Eric Clement
Communications, Finance

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