Government of Yukon

August 22, 2017

The Government of Yukon wants your thoughts on school calendar

The Government of Yukon is developing a four-year school calendar for Yukon schools and is seeking feedback from parents, families and school communities.

An online survey will be open from August 22 to October 16 to gather input on important dates for the start of school, Christmas and March break, the length of the school day, school year and summer break.

The Government of Yukon encourages all students, parents, school staff, school councils and community members to participate.


“We want to hear from the public so we can design school calendars that balance the needs of each school community in Yukon and give all students the greatest chance to succeed in their learning. Setting a four-year calendar will make it easier for parents, students, school staff and communities to plan around dates that are set in advance.”

–Minister of Education, Tracey-Anne McPhee

Quick facts

  • Whitehorse schools follow the same school calendar. Rural schools have some flexibility for their calendars to meet the unique needs of their community.
  • The Education Act requires 950 hours of instructional time per school year and 300-330 minutes of instructional time per school day.
  • The school calendar for the 2017/18 is already set. Feedback from the survey will be considered when setting calendar dates for the 2018/19, 2019/20, 2020/21 and 2021/22 school calendars.
  • Results from the school calendar survey will be shared in November.

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Sunny Patch
Cabinet Communications

Kyle Nightingale
Communications, Education


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