Government of Yukon

June 20, 2017

A statement from the Government of Yukon for National Aboriginal Day

Premier Sandy Silver issued the following statement for National Aboriginal Day:

“Tomorrow marks the first year our territory will recognize June 21, National Aboriginal Day, as a statutory holiday. This historic day is an opportunity to honour and celebrate the culture and traditions of Indigenous Peoples.

“Establishing National Aboriginal Day as a statutory holiday in Yukon was a key commitment of this government and we are proud that, together with Yukoners, we have made it a reality.

“It is important to acknowledge the diverse range of Indigenous cultures, languages and traditions present in the territory. Each of the 14 Yukon First Nations, and six transboundary Nations, play a crucial role in the territory’s governance, economy and culture.

“The Government of Yukon understands that strong partnerships with First Nations are essential to the collective success and wellbeing of the territory. We remain committed to our government-to-government relationships with First Nations and to upholding the intent of the Final and Self-Government Agreements.

“In the past six months, we have partnered with First Nations to host two Yukon Forums, with two more scheduled for the fall and winter of 2017. These forums have been instrumental in fostering trust and collaboration among our governments and citizens.

“At the January forum we collectively signed the Working Together declaration, which set the framework for a renewed relationship. This was followed by the approval of a list of shared priorities for action over the coming years. These commitments will guide our efforts towards improving the lives of all Yukoners.

“This demonstrates progress on the path towards reconciliation and while there is still a great deal of work ahead, in many ways Yukon has become a leader in this field. Together our governments and citizens are creating vibrant, healthy communities, built on diversity and inclusion. I look forward to what we will be able to achieve by working together.

“In this spirit, I encourage all Yukoners to take part in the celebrations planned across the territory and I wish everyone a happy National Aboriginal Day.”


Sunny Patch
Cabinet Communications
Joanna Lilley
Communications, Executive Council Office

News Release #17-135