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June 14, 2017

Government of Yukon seeking feedback on long-term financial priorities of Yukoners

Starting today, the public is invited to participate in a conversation about Yukon’s financial future. The process seeks feedback on how Yukoners view the government’s long term priorities.

Yukon residents, First Nations, businesses, NGOs and other organizations are invited to complete a survey or take part in online discussions prior to July 14. The survey gives the public the opportunity to share opinions on how they interpret the government’s success in meeting long-term priorities and what they view as financial priorities for Yukon.

Feedback from Yukoners will serve as guiding advice for the development of future financial planning options, which will be refined by an expert Financial Advisory Panel. The panel will present options publicly in the fall. Further engagement on the options will include community meetings. Those interested will have an opportunity to meet with the panel to discuss the draft options before they are recommended to the government.

The panel’s findings will support Yukon in achieving its vision for a bright future in a financially sustainable manner while meeting the expectations of Yukoners. This approach is part of the government’s commitment to engage Yukoners in shaping the territory.


“Yukon’s future is a shared one, it must be rooted in the values and priorities of those who live and work in the territory. Yukoners have an opportunity to have a significant impact on the territory’s future, and our government is looking forward to using feedback from Yukoners to make balanced, evidence-based decisions.”

-Premier and Minister of Finance Sandy Silver

“We look forward to hearing from Yukoners as part of this process and anticipate that we will receive valuable feedback from residents, First Nations governments, businesses and other organizations. The input of Yukoners will be critical in assisting us in formulating our options for government.”

-Financial Advisory Panel Chair Norm McIntyre

Quick facts

  • The options developed by the Financial Advisory Panel will help inform the Government of Yukon’s financial decisions and policies for the next five years.
  • A response from the Government of Yukon will follow the presentation of proposed options by the panel.
  • Panel members include Yukoners Norm McIntyre (Chair) and Grace Southwick, as well as Tim O’Neill, Ron Kneebone and Trevor Tombe.

Learn more: To complete the survey and to participate in online discussions, Yukoners can visit


Sunny Patch
Cabinet Communications

Eric Clement
Communications, Finance

News Release #17-129