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June 14, 2017

Yukon Transportation Hall of Fame recognizes three new inductees

The 2017 Yukon Transportation Hall of Fame Awards were held yesterday evening at the Yukon Transportation Museum.

Three people were inducted into the Yukon Transportation Hall of Fame for their important achievements in air and ground transportation. Garry J. Doering received the Order of Polaris award, Gordon “Gordie” Gee received the Pioneer of the Year award, and Keith Byram was named Person of the Year.

All three recipients were recognized for their work and for their philanthropic and community involvement.


“I would like to congratulate this year’s inductees and thank them for their contributions to Yukon’s transportation history. Transportation has always been key to Yukon’s growth and development and it is important to recognize and pay tribute to the men and women who have helped shaped Yukon into what it has become today.”

–Minister of Highways and Public Works Richard Mostyn

Quick facts

  • The Yukon Transportation Hall of Fame was created in 1996 to honour individuals who have made a significant contribution to the transportation industry in Yukon.
  • The Hall of Fame is located at the Yukon Transportation Museum and is sponsored by the Northern Air Transport Association, the Yukon Transportation Museum, the Yukon Transportation Association and the Government of Yukon.
  • There are currently 93 individuals in the Yukon Transportation Hall of Fame.

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Backgrounder – 2017 Yukon Transportation Hall of Fame inductees

Order of Polaris: Garry J. Doering

Garry J. Doering’s career has spanned over 40 years in the aviation industry as an air traffic controller. He is recognized for his extraordinary knowledge related to aviation and his calm, professional composure. The safe movement of goods and people by air into and out of Yukon is in part due to Garry’s commitment and efforts. Garry is also a major contributor to the annual Canadian Owners and Pilots Association flying event where kids are introduced to the importance of aviation and receive a ride in a small aircraft.

Pioneer of the Year: Gordon Gee

Gordon “Gordie” Gee established Gordie’s Trucking Ltd., which contributed to several large highway and mining projects in Yukon. He also recognized the need for trucking operations to serve the northern mining industry and Yukon oil development. His company was among the first to haul into the Anvil, Silver Key, Mt. Nansen, Free Gold, Clinton Creek and Casino Mines. He was also responsible for opening up freight movement via truck to Yukon from Alberta and British Columbia reducing wait times for goods from three weeks to two days.

Person of the Year: Keith Byram

Keith Byram is recognized for his involvement in over 200 civil construction projects in Yukon and northern British Columbia. He was also involved with several key highway projects including rebuilding portion of the Alaska and Campbell Highways, as well as construction of the Dempster Highway. Keith established Pelly Construction Ltd., and a notable achievement is the construction of a 1000-metre landing strip in Antarctica which has been recognized as an engineering feat of great note world-wide.


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