Government of Yukon

June 12, 2017

Business Incentive Program will be applied to the City of Whitehorse’s municipal operations building

Joint news release

The Government of Yukon and City of Whitehorse will work together to apply the Business Incentive Program to the municipal operations building project. This will increase employment opportunities for Yukon residents and encourage use of Yukon manufactured materials and products, creating net benefits for the territorial economy.


“The municipal operations building is a major project that will have significant impacts to our local economy, and we want Yukoners to benefit as much as possible. We expect the build to provide substantial employment to Yukoners and to promote use of Yukon-made materials and products. That’s good news for Yukon, local industry and our economy.”

–Minister of Economic Development Ranj Pillai

“With assistance from the Business Incentive Program, the City of Whitehorse is able to improve operational efficiencies, with the construction of our new operations building. The program will ensure local labour, apprentices, youth and manufactured materials are used, which has a direct impact on our community. We are very appreciative of this assistance from our partners at Government of Yukon.”

–City of Whitehorse Mayor Dan Curtis

Quick facts

  • The Business Incentive Program provides rebates to contractors working on eligible government contracts when they hire Yukon residents.
  • The program also provides rebates to producers of Yukon-manufactured products when they are used on eligible construction contracts.

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Sunny Patch
Cabinet Communications

Diana Dryburgh
Communications, Economic Development

Gaelle Wells
A/Manager, Communications


News Release #17-124