Government of Yukon

June 1, 2017

Yukon government releases results of mobile home survey

Today, the Government of Yukon released the results of a survey on mobile home tenancies conducted by the Yukon Bureau of Statistics last year.

The survey sought input from mobile home owners, tenants and park owners on various issues relating to pad rental tenancy arrangements in Yukon. In particular, the survey asked questions about the ability of a park owner to evict mobile home owners without cause and whether there should be rent controls on pad rents.


“This government has committed to Yukoners to remain accountable, inclusive and transparent in its work. While we consider how to proceed with the results of this survey, we determined it was important that Yukoners be able to see the results and feedback received.”

–Minister of Community Services John Streicker

Quick facts

  • Yukon’s Residential Landlord and Tenant Act came into effect on January 1, 2016. It governs the relationship between a mobile home owner and mobile home park owner in a manner similar to other tenancies, with the exception of certain extended notice periods.
  • Several other jurisdictions in Canada further distinguish between these types of tenancies, and in some cases have specific standalone legislation.
  • 81.6 per cent of the 262 respondents to the survey were mobile home owners.
  • 47.9 per cent of mobile homes owned by survey respondents are 31 years or older and over half of respondents are low-income earners.
  • 65 per cent of mobile home owners said they would not be able to relocate, either because of the age or condition of the home, lack of other locations or because of cost.
  • 57.8 per cent of responding mobile home owners felt that at least a 12-month advance notice would be appropriate to terminate a mobile home pad tenancy agreement.
  • 47.3 per cent of all respondents felt that different rental rules for rent increase are required for mobile home pad renters.

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