Government of Yukon

May 11, 2017

Proposed change for campground Regulation

The results of the 2016 campground survey are now publicly available, and have found that a key concern of campers is people holding campsites when the campsites are not actually being used. Campers asked for clear rules, fair access and enforcement of the rules.

Based on the survey results, the Government of Yukon is proposing to change the Regulation in the Parks and Land Certainty Act to limit the time campsites may be left unoccupied and increase the fine for not adhering to this rule.

This regulation change aims to address campers’ concerns quickly in order to help keep Yukon campgrounds clean, safe and enjoyable for residents and visitors.

A short, two-question public survey will be available online for 60 days, and the public is invited express their views on the proposal. The deadline to complete the survey is July 10, 2017.


“Our campgrounds and parks are important for the wellness of Yukoners and the sustainability of Yukon’s communities and economy. By responding quickly to the main concern expressed in this survey, we can continue to provide enjoyable, healthy outdoor opportunities for Yukoners.”

–Minister of Environment Pauline Frost

Quick facts

  • There were 1,841 campground surveys completed and 5,568 comments.
  • Yukon residents comprised 87 per cent of the respondents.
  • 84 per cent of the respondents were satisfied with the territorial campgrounds always or most of the time.

Learn more: Public survey for a proposed campground regulation

See the 2016 Campground Survey Results Summary and the 2016 YG Campground Survey Report. For more information visit Yukon Parks.


Sunny Patch
Cabinet Communications

Sophie Best
Communications, Environment


News Release #17-101