Government of Yukon

May 3, 2017

Government of Yukon seeks the public’s input on regulation for progressive raffles

From May 3 to June 16, 2017, Yukoners are invited to participate in a survey on proposed changes to the Lotteries and Games of Chance Regulation to allow charitable organizations to run progressive raffles such as Chase the Ace.

The current regulation under the Lottery Licensing Act does not specifically include progressive raffles, which have become an increasingly popular choice for charitable organizations as a mechanism for fundraising.

Charitable organizations and the public are invited to participate in the survey to share their insights and thoughts about how potential changes can be integrated into the existing charitable gaming regulations.


“We recognize that charitable organizations make important contributions to the well-being and quality of life for Yukoners. Lotteries and raffles are important fundraising tools for many of them. We want to hear from these organizations and Yukoners to ensure that progressive raffles are managed securely and that anyone paying to play these games is protected and treated fairly.”

–Minister of Community Services John Streicker

Quick facts

  • Chase the Ace or Catch the Ace is a progressive raffle in which participants purchase tickets for a chance to win a percentage of the proceeds from the sale of tickets. The winner of the proceeds for that draw also gets the chance to win a jackpot by selecting a card (usually the Ace of Spades) from a standard deck of playing cards. If the Ace is not drawn, the jackpot is left to grow until the next draw takes place.
  • Currently under Yukon’s Lottery Licensing Act, prizes must be awarded in order of magnitude, with the largest prize being awarded first, then the second prize and so on. Progressive raffles usually work in the exact opposite progression.
  • Licensing requirements in other jurisdictions ensure that progressive raffles are conducted in a consistent and fair manner, with due regard for public safety and enjoyment, and in accordance with all applicable legislation including the Criminal Code of Canada. Such raffles are not permitted in all provinces.

Learn more: Take the survey on regulating progressive raffles


Sunny Patch
Cabinet Communications
Bonnie Venton Ross
Communications, Community Services

News Release #17-093