Government of Yukon

April 13, 2017

Government of Yukon supports proposed federal cannabis legalization and regulation

The Government of Canada’s proposed legislation to legalize cannabis was tabled today in the House of Commons. The Government of Yukon will take the time to carefully review the bills and begin the process of legalization.

In preparation for the legalization of cannabis use by summer 2018, the Government of Yukon has established a working group. The mandate of the working group is to have a multi-departmental approach to ensure that the Government of Yukon provides an integrated response to the issues raised by the federal government’s legalization, regulation and restriction of cannabis in Canada.

A sub-committee will be concentrating its efforts on developing a government-wide public education strategy.


“Protecting the safety of Yukoners is our top priority when it comes to the legalization of cannabis. We will work closely with the other provinces and territories to develop a Canada wide regime. Our collective goal is to ensure a safe, legal supply of cannabis while keeping it out of the hands of children and the profits out of the hands of criminals.”

–Minister of Justice Tracy-Anne McPhee

“Our objective is to protect the well-being of Yukoners by ensuring cannabis products are regulated and lab-tested so they are safe to consume and free of harmful contaminants. Also with future users in mind, we will be developing a specific public education strategy that will inform youth about the health risks of cannabis.”

–Minister of Health and Social Services Pauline Frost

Quick facts

Some of the key recommendations are:

  • A national minimum age of purchase of 18, while allowing the territories and provinces to harmonize it with their minimum age for buying alcohol.
  • Canadians will have a maximum amount of marijuana they are legally allowed to purchase and would be able to grow up to four marijuana plants per household.
  • That the current restrictions on public smoking of tobacco extends to the smoking of cannabis.
  • That plain packaging is required and prohibits any product deemed to be “appealing to children and youth.”

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Sunny Patch
Cabinet Communications

Julie Ménard
Communications, Health and Social Services


News Release #17-069