Government of Yukon

April 7, 2017

Government of Yukon signs on to new Canadian Free Trade Agreement

The Government of Yukon is pleased to join the governments of Canada and the provinces and territories in signing the Canadian Free Trade Agreement, effective July 1, 2017.

By comprehensively reducing barriers to internal trade, the Canadian Free Trade Agreement (CFTA) will help grow and diversify our territorial economy while also supporting our efforts to develop stronger trade and investment ties with our neighbours. As our economy advances, participating in strong trade and investment accords like the CFTA will promote manufacturing, innovation and product development in Yukon.


“The Canadian Free Trade Agreement benefits Yukon by reducing barriers to internal trade and promoting economic growth and diversification. We look forward to using the tools available in the Canadian Free Trade Agreement to increase government transparency, reduce red tape, improve procurement, and make it more profitable for Yukon businesses to expand outside the territory.”

–Minister of Economic Development Ranj Pillai

Quick facts

  • The CFTA will replace the existing Agreement on Internal Trade (AIT) which has been in place since 1995.
  • Exceptions for Regional Economic Development and the Business Incentive Program will provide Yukon with continued opportunities to increase local employment, support small firms and develop Yukon’s rural economy.
  • Yukon exports about 20 per cent of the goods and services it produces. The majority of those exports go to other Canadian provinces and territories.
  • The CFTA reflects the Canada – European Union Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA), guaranteeing Yukon businesses no less favourable treatment as European Union suppliers will have in Canada.

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Sunny Patch
Cabinet Communications

Eilidh Fraser
Communications, Executive Council Office

Shona Mostyn
Communications, Economic Development


News Release #17-064