Government of Yukon

March 29, 2017

Interim Electrical Rebate renewed

The Government of Yukon has renewed the Interim Electrical Rebate, pending legislative approval. The rebate is applied to electric bills and reduces the overall amount Yukoners pay for electricity each month.

The renewal of this rebate means Yukoners will continue to see relief on their electricity bills.


"This government is committed to making sound financial decisions that support the well-being of Yukoners. This subsidy has reduced Yukoners' electricity costs since 1998. We propose this rebate be renewed so Yukoners can continue to receive this support."
–Minister responsible for Yukon Development Corporation Ranj Pillai

Quick facts

  • The Interim Electrical Rebate, originally called the Rate Stabilization Fund, was established in 1998 to help offset rate increases created by the closure of the mine in Faro. 
  • The rebate is administered by Yukon Development Corporation (YDC).
  • YDC received $3.5 million last year to administer this rebate.
  • The rebate for the first 1,000 kilowatt hours is a maximum of $26.62 a month or approximately $319 in annual savings per customer.


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