Government of Yukon

February 8, 2017

New website compiles information about current research and monitoring in Yukon

The Government of Yukon has launched a new website that offers information about research and monitoring initiatives conducted by or in partnership with the Yukon government. The Compendium of Current Research and Monitoring site summarizes work underway in the fields of agriculture, economy, climate change, environment, health, social sciences and more.

The site is intended to support the pursuit, gathering and storage of scientific knowledge so research can be easily shared and used to promote evidence-based decision making.


“The Government of Yukon is pleased to announce the launch of the Compendium of Current Research and Monitoring site. The launch of this site fits well into our plans to increase the amount of information publically available to Yukoners. We hope that decision-makers, educators and knowledge generators use the research provided by this site to promote evidence-based decision making and further develop Yukon’s knowledge economy. We look forward to continuing to support initiatives that encourage scientific research, accessible data and information sharing.”

–Minister of the Executive Council Office Sandy Silver

Quick facts

  • The compendium contains information on over 80 research and monitoring initiatives. 
  • Information on the website will be updated regularly as research and monitoring progresses. 
  • The website launch is part of the 2016 Government of Yukon Science Strategy
  • Subject areas covered by the site are: 
    • Agriculture and forestry 
    • Business and economy 
    • Climate change 
    • Earth sciences 
    • Environment 
    • Health and well-being 
    • Heritage and culture 
    • Housing and infrastructure 
    • Social sciences

Learn more:
Compendium of Current Research and Monitoring


Lana Selbee
Cabinet Communications

Erin Loxam
Communications, Executive Council Office


News Release #17-031