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January 27, 2017

Visual and performing artists present work to national and international audiences

The Touring Artist Fund is supporting Yukon artists by providing a total of $22,120 to help with the cost of taking their work to venues and audiences outside the territory.

There are three projects being funded through the September 2016 intake of the fund. The Yukon Canada International Snow Sculpture Touring Team will tour to events in Lake Louise, Ottawa and Nayoro, Japan. Visual artist Ukjese van Kampen presented a retrospective of his work in Poznan, Poland, in November 2016. Yukon musicians Diyet van Lieshout, Robert van Lieshout and Graeme Peters are touring Alberta in January 2017 as part of the New North Collective, which also includes artists from the Northwest Territories, Nunavut, Nunavik and Greenland.

The Touring Artist Fund provides opportunities for visual, performing and literary artists to present their work at professionally curated national or international exhibits, concerts, festivals or showcases.


“Yukon artists are important cultural ambassadors who raise awareness of the territory’s incredible diversity. Through the Touring Artist Fund, Government of Yukon supports these artists who are reaching a wider audience and helping to create a greater national and international appreciation of Yukon and Canada’s North.”

–Minister of Tourism and Culture Jeanie Dendys

“The New North Collective is a contemporary expression of the North. Diverse elements find their way into pieces of music that are impressions of changing lands, traditional stories, colourful characters, loss, longing and quirky humour. The outcome is vibrant, colourful new music to be shared with all Canadians.”

–New North Collective co-artistic leader Diyet van Lieshout

Quick facts

  • Together with the three Yukon artists, the New North Collective includes composer and performer Carmen Braden and spoken word artist Pat Braden from the Northwest Territories; throat singer and drum dancer Sylvia Cloutier from Nunavik; and producer and guitarist Jan de Vroede from Greenland.
  • The 2017 Yukon Canada International Snow Sculpture Team is made up of experienced snow carvers including Donald Watt, Ken Anderson and Adam Green.
  • Ukjese van Kampen’s exhibition featured visual art works that he has created over four decades from 1976 to 2016.
  • There are four application intakes to the Touring Artist Fund each year, on the 15th of March, June, September and December.

Learn more: Touring Artist Fund

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Amount Recommended

Donald Watt and Ken Anderson

Yukon Canada International Snow Sculpture Touring Team 2017 


New North Collective 

A five concert tour in Alberta. 


Ukjese van Kampen 

Art Exhibition and talks in Poznan, Poland. 



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