Government of Yukon

January 23, 2017

Education to roll out redesigned Kindergarten to Grade 12 curriculum

The Government of Yukon announced today that the Department of Education will introduce the Yukon version of the revised BC curriculum to schools starting September 2017. The new curriculum will be student-centred, focusing on multi-disciplinary skill development. It will provide many opportunities to integrate local content and Yukon First Nations ways of knowing and doing through all subjects and grade levels.

The redesigned Yukon curriculum will be phased in gradually over the next few years, beginning with Kindergarten to Grade 9 in September 2017 and continuing with Grades 10 to 12 in September 2018. New provincial exams that focus on applying literacy and numeracy skills across multiple disciplines are expected to be introduced by British Columbia in January 2018.

Changes to BC’s curriculum and courses are based on international research, good practices and extensive consultations with teachers and experts in education, including Yukon educators. BC is working with colleges and universities to ensure the graduation program provides clear paths to post-secondary education and meets entrance requirements. The Department of Education has been working with Yukon College on similar issues.

The Department of Education will host public information sessions across Yukon over the next few months to introduce the new curriculum and answer questions. The first three sessions – two in English and one in French – will occur in Whitehorse. The English sessions will be at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, January 24 at F.H. Collins Secondary and at 7 p.m. on Monday, January 30 at Elijah Smith Elementary. The French session, to be co-hosted with the Yukon Francophone School Board, is currently being scheduled.


“Using BC’s new curriculum as a base, the Yukon curriculum will build on good practices and great projects already happening in Yukon schools. In every grade and across all subjects, students will learn about life in northern communities and Yukon First Nations ways of knowing and doing while developing the skills they need to succeed throughout life.”

–Minister of Education Tracy-Anne McPhee

Quick facts

  • The focus of the new curriculum is moving to skill development: literacy (reading, writing, speaking), numeracy (math, problem-solving), communication, critical thinking and analysis, and personal-social.
  • The five required BC provincial exams will be phased out and replaced in the 2017–2018 school year by two new required provincial exams, one for literacy and one for numeracy.
  • The curriculum will include more hands-on learning, finance and career education in all grades.
  • Learning will be further connected to local communities and experiences.

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