Government of Yukon

December 8, 2016

Landmark exhibition includes new and historic art works

An exhibition displaying new acquisitions to the Yukon Permanent Art Collection opened today in the lobby of Government of Yukon’s main administration building. Landmark features 15 pieces by artists from Yukon communities and two pieces by iconic Canadian painters.

Examples of the selected works include Heart Rock, Firth River, a watercolour painting by Cynthia Hunt of Dawson, and Neil Graham’s painting Tow Hill. The exhibit also features an early work by Ted Harrison called Snaring Rabbits and Ogilvie Mountains by Group of Seven artist A.Y. Jackson.

These artworks were acquired through the annual call for submissions process held by Government of Yukon and the Friends of Yukon Permanent Art Collection (FOYPAC).

Minister of Tourism and Culture Jeanie Dendys attended the event and announced this year’s call for new submissions to the Yukon Permanent Art Collection.

The event also provided an opportunity for attendees to admire the recently restored 24-piece resin mural in the main administration building.


“Each artwork in the collection has a unique meaning and a significant place in the territory’s visual art history. Government of Yukon is pleased that the acquisitions in the exhibition include works by current Yukon artists as well as beloved Canadian icons.”

–Minister of Tourism and Culture Jeanie Dendys

“We were very pleased with the selection process again this year and it was particularly exciting to see so many applications coming from communities all around Yukon. This year’s acquisitions will strengthen the collection and are wonderful examples of the diversity and quality of art being made here.”

–FOYPAC president Matt Poushinsky

“It has meant so much to me to have my work accepted into the Yukon Permanent Art Collection. I feel honoured to have my work holding company with so many great Yukon artists. The importance of the collection to our community, as well as to each artist, is immeasurable.”

–Dawson artist Cynthia Hunt

“Tow Hill, a basaltic intrusion in Haida Gwaii, towers above its landscape, dominating the beach and counterpointing the endless ocean. The way it expresses time’s passage drew me as a painter and recorder, forcing colours from tubes and through the journey of brush. As part of the Yukon’s Permanent Art Collection, it begins a new life, interacting with viewers as a location, creation and destination.”

–Whitehorse artist Neil Graham

Quick facts

  • The Yukon Permanent Art Collection is a record of visual arts development in Yukon. It is an important cultural legacy that is acquired, managed and exhibited for the benefit of Yukoners and visitors. The collection also contributes to the professional development and economic well-being of Yukon artists. 
  • FOYPAC selects new work for the collection every year through an open call for submission and arms-length adjudication process, run in collaboration with the Department of Tourism and Culture. FOYPAC reviews all works to determine their relevance and significance to the collection. 
  • The deadline for the latest call for submissions to the Yukon Permanent Art Collection is February 10, 2017. Submission forms and guidelines are available on the Department of Tourism and Culture website. The call for submissions is open to Yukon, national and international artists. 
  • Works from the collection are displayed in public areas of Yukon government buildings in Whitehorse, Dawson, Faro, Haines Junction and Mayo for the enjoyment of Yukoners and visitors. 
  • The untitled resin stained glass mural, designed by West Vancouver artist David MacLagan, was originally installed during the construction of the main administration building in 1976. It was showing signs of deterioration and was removed for conservation treatment and reinstalled in October 2016.

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See backgrounder and photo.


Sunny Patch
Cabinet Communications

Lucie Wright
Communications, Tourism and Culture



Title of Work



Beyond the Parking Lot

Palma Berger


Hang to Dry

Josée Carbonneau

Mixed Media

Ornate Goldpan

Colin Dorward


The Wedding Jacket

Sho Sho Esquiro

Textile / beadwork

Remember the Rain

Simon Gilpin


Tow Hill

Neil Graham


Heart Rock, Firth River

Cynthia Hunt


Black Island

Hildur Jónasson


1905 - 1907

Tara Kolla-Hale

Mixed Media

The Ever Evolving Spirit

Blake Lepine



Joyce Majiski

Mixed Media

L’île à hélice / Propeller Island

Marie-Eve Martel


Night Fishing at Ta Kwan Te Mun

Florence Moses

Traditional Sewing

Miles Canyon Bracelet

Cheryl Rivest


Rock and Rolla

Wendy Thompson


Ogilvy Mountains

A.Y. Jackson


Snaring Rabbits

Ted Harrison



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