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December 6, 2016

Nils Clarke nominated for Speaker of the Yukon Legislative Assembly

Premier Sandy Silver has nominated Nils Clarke for the office of the Speaker of the Yukon Legislative Assembly.

Clarke was elected to the Yukon Legislative Assembly in the general election on November 7, 2016, in the electoral district of Riverdale North.

The speaker’s unique role is to balance the two fundamental principles of allowing the government to conduct its business in an orderly manner, and protecting the right of all members of the legislative assembly to be heard. The speaker serves the whole assembly and treats all MLAs equally.


“I am pleased to nominate Nils Clarke as Speaker of the Yukon Legislative Assembly. I am certain that his vast experiences have prepared him to maintain the civility and order of the assembly. I am confident Nils will carry out this critical role with the diplomacy and good will needed in the assembly.”

–Premier Sandy Silver

“We are committed to improving collaboration amongst all members and changing the way the legislative assembly works. We recognize that good ideas can come from all sides and I am counting on Mr. Clarke to create a positive and dynamic environment in the assembly to support all MLAs to do the job Yukoners sent us to do.”

–Premier Sandy Silver

“I am honoured to be nominated by Premier Silver for this position and look forward to helping to ensure that the work of the entire legislative assembly can proceed with civility and efficiency for the benefit of all Yukon citizens.”

–Member of the Legislative Assembly for Riverdale North Nils Clarke

Quick facts

  • Clarke has previously volunteered as the treasurer of both the Teen Parent Access to Education Society and MacBride Museum. He has also served on the Whitehorse Elementary School Council and the Yukon Learn Board of Directors. Clarke lives in Riverdale, Whitehorse, with his wife, Janet, and their two sons.
  • Clarke has practised law in Yukon for over 24 years and has worked as the executive director of the Yukon Legal Services Society since 2000.

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