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November 18, 2016

First annual report of the Minto Socio-economic Monitoring Program released

Selkirk First Nation, Minto Explorations Ltd. and the Government of Yukon today released the Minto Mine Socio-economic Monitoring Program’s first annual report and executive summary.

In 2014, the three parties agreed to monitor the social, economic and cultural effects of the Minto Mine with the cost of implementation shared among the three parties. The first annual report provides baseline information from the start of the mine’s life until the end of 2014. Subsequent reports will build on this data.

With the support of the Yukon Bureau of Statistics, the Selkirk First Nation will conduct a community survey of Selkirk First Nation citizens every five years. This survey will provide information about living conditions and how they change over time.

The Government of Yukon supports the socio-economic monitoring program, which will help guide the planning of future resource projects.


“Selkirk First Nation is very proud to be a partner of the Minto Mine Socio-economic Monitoring Program. The information gathered will help us understand the effects of the Minto Mine on our citizens. It is the first of its kind in Yukon and we hope it will assist our community and others in preparing for future resource projects.”

– Selkirk First Nation Chief Kevin McGinty

“Minto Explorations Ltd. is pleased to be working with Selkirk First Nation and the Government of Yukon on the groundbreaking Socio-economic Monitoring Program. This is an excellent example of how governments and mining companies can work together and collaborate on socio-economic initiatives.”

– Minto Mine general manager Ronald Light

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Minto Mine Socio-economic Monitoring Program 2014 Annual Report Executive Summary

Minto Mine Socio-economic Monitoring Program 2014 Annual Report



Kate Durand
Communications, Executive Council Office
Government of Yukon

Communications Officer
Selkirk First Nation

Ronald K. Light
Minto Mine general manager, Minto Explorations Ltd.


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