Government of Yukon

September 26, 2016

Government of Yukon partners with Humane Society Yukon for community dog care

WHITEHORSE—The Government of Yukon is pleased to provide up to $30,000 in additional project funding to Humane Society Yukon.

“We are working closely with communities to ensure their specific needs with dogs are met and addressed,” Minister of Environment Wade Istchenko said. “Solidifying this partnership with Humane Society Yukon ensures support for these animals in cases where owners have made the difficult decision to surrender them.”

The Yukon government’s Animal Health unit has already advanced $15,000 to finance care for a number of animals from Ross River. The society will be able to access the remaining funds by providing documentation of eligible expenses as the Community Dog Care Initiative continues in several Yukon communities.

The Community Dog Care Initiative provides the opportunity for community leaders to work together with the Animal Health unit to find solutions for specific needs and issues with dogs in their community.

“Humane Society Yukon is dedicated to providing a safe space for domestic animals all across the territory,” society president Brent Slobodin said. “We are happy to have this additional funding support from the territorial government so we can continue working together for all Yukon communities.”

This project funding is in addition to Humane Society Yukon’s annual, operational funding of $79,500. The Yukon government has provided this core funding each year since 2010/11.

“I would like to acknowledge all dog owners and community members who are dedicating their time and attention to dog health and public safety,” Istchenko added. “We would also like to thank the society’s staff and volunteers for helping these animals adapt to new people and homes.”

In the past, the society received additional project funding including: $22,000 in 2015/16 to upgrade the shelter floor and heating system, and more than $100,000 flowed through the society from 2012/13 to 2015/16 to provide spay and neuter services across Yukon.

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Michael Edwards
Cabinet Communications

Roxanne Stasyszyn
Communications, Environment

Brent Slobodin
Humane Society Yukon

News Release #16-328