Government of Yukon

September 12, 2016

Main administration building to double its solar energy generating capacity

WHITEHORSE—The Government of Yukon is adding a new solar photovoltaic system to its main administration building which will double its solar energy generation capacity and result in an annual generation of approximately 8,800 kilowatt hours.

The new photovoltaic system will add four kilowatts of solar energy capacity to the existing four kilowatt capacity. It will be installed on the west side of the roof on the southern part of the building by end of the year. This prime location allows for optimum collection of sunlight throughout the year.

“Since the original system was installed in 2008, the cost of photovoltaic systems has decreased considerably,” Minister of Energy, Mines and Resources Scott Kent said. “This, combined with the Yukon government’s renewable energy system rebate and micro-generation program, gives Yukon homeowners and businesses the incentive to implement their own renewable energy generating systems.”

The current photovoltaic system was installed in December 2008 and is composed of 24 grid-connected modules mounted on the east side of the southern-most roof of the building. The original system was installed as a pilot project to evaluate the effectiveness of this technology in Yukon, build capacity and knowledge, and reduce the total electrical consumption of the main administration building.

During the five-year pilot project, the system generated approximately 4,400 kilowatt hours per year and performed 10 per cent above the predicted generation thanks to greater than average solar resources during that time. The system successfully operated without interruption and required basic maintenance of sweeping snow from the modules during winter months.

This initiative is part of the Yukon government’s broad effort to increase renewable energy and achieve energy self-reliance as per the Energy Strategy for Yukon and the Climate Change Action Plan.

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Michael Edwards
Cabinet Communications

Brigitte Parker
Communications, Energy, Mines and Resources


News Release #16-318