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July 13, 2016

Home health monitoring project planned for Yukon

WHITEHORSE—A new agreement between the Government of Yukon and TELUS Health will extend home health monitoring to support chronic conditions for Yukon patients.

“This project expands the use of technology in health care,” Minister of Health and Social Services Mike Nixon said. “It’s an excellent use of resources that empowers patients with a chronic condition to self-manage more effectively and collaborate virtually with health care teams in a meaningful way from the comfort of their own homes.”

The home health monitoring project will launch in early September 2016 for up to 50 patients. The trial phase is scheduled to end on March 31, 2017, after which the results will be assessed.

During the first phase, the project will concentrate on patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. In addition to helping improve access to care, reducing transportation costs for individuals in rural locations and decreasing the need for hospital visits, the project will help increase patients’ awareness of their condition through self-management.

Patients will be trained to use the home health monitoring equipment and be provided with a tablet, enabling them to connect with a dedicated care provider. Patients will participate in the project for three to six months depending on their requirements.

“We are committed to innovation and have strong evidence that technology supports health care system transformation and enables better health outcomes for all Canadians, particularly those in rural communities,” TELUS Health president Paul Lepage said. “Our success with home health monitoring projects with more than 7,500 patients across British Columbia, Quebec and Ontario not only resulted in significant cost savings, less frequent patient emergency room visits and hospital readmissions, but also nearly 100 per cent of patients reported being highly engaged in their health and had an improved quality of life. Our program with the Yukon government implements learnings from these pilots and builds on the momentum of promoting wellness and healthy behaviours within the community.”

TELUS Health will train clinicians on the equipment used for home health monitoring and provide guidance on clinical practice adaptations.

The home health monitoring project is part of Yukon’s chronic disease management project, and is an initiative of the Territorial Health Investment Fund. The mandate of the Territorial Health Investment Fund is to facilitate health system improvement through integration of health services, and to improve quality, access, and transitions between chronic care services in Yukon.

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Communications, Health and Social Services

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