Government of Yukon

July 7, 2016

Yukon Development Corporation begins phase two of Next Generation Hydro planning

WHITEHORSE—As a result of public feedback during phase one of Next Generation Hydro (NGH) planning, the Yukon Development Corporation (YDC) has recommended that the focus of the NGH project be expanded to include the consideration of smaller hydroelectric sites and other forms of renewable energy. The Government of Yukon has accepted these recommendations.

“In response to what we heard from Yukoners, our phase two planning will explore other renewable energy options and ways for First Nations and others to partner in providing solutions to Yukon’s energy needs,” Minister responsible for the Yukon Development Corporation Brad Cathers said.

The YDC has completed phase one of its NGH planning, which enhanced its understanding of the territory’s hydroelectric potential. This phase also provided an opportunity to hear from Yukoners about how they would like to see Yukon’s future energy needs met.

The YDC will continue to seek partnerships with First Nations on sites identified in phase one, where First Nations are interested in further dialogue. It will also consider smaller hydroelectric sites and will explore other forms of renewable energy.

“We are excited by the opportunity to work with First Nations to identify ways they could benefit from the development of viable renewable energy projects in their Traditional Territories,” YDC board chair Joanne Fairlie said. “This work will lead to opportunities for First Nations and other partners to participate in developing projects that will complement Yukon Energy Corporation’s Integrated Resource Plan, the Yukon government’s Independent Power Producer Policy and similar energy initiatives.”

Yukon is forecasted to need up to 136MW of additional electrical capacity by 2065, which would double the capacity of Yukon’s existing electrical grid.

“Planning for the Yukon’s long term energy needs remains a priority for the Yukon government, and expanding the focus of this planning initiative will help us ensure future generations have electricity from renewable sources, including hydroelectricity,” Cathers added.



Michael Edwards
Cabinet Communications

Luke DeCoste
Yukon Development Corporation


News Release #16-255