Government of Yukon

June 7, 2016

Premier advocates for Yukon before Senate Committee

WHITEHORSE—Premier Darrell Pasloski appeared today before the Senate Standing Committee on National Finance where he defended the interests of Yukon and spoke out against federal cuts to Territorial Formula Financing (TFF).

The premier, along with representatives from the other two territories, was invited to speak on the issue before the standing committee, which is studying the impacts of the federal budget on the North.

“From the beginning I have said that cutting millions of dollars from the federal transfer is unacceptable,” Pasloski said. “While we are appreciative of the partial restoration of funding, the $30 million we stand to lose over the next five years significantly undermines the territorial government's ability to provide programs and services to Yukoners.”

Premier Pasloski spoke about the importance of predictability and stability when budget planning, corrected misinformation suggesting Yukon knew about the changes in advance, and defended the Northern way of life and the need for federal investment in the short term to enable a prosperous and self sufficient territory in the long term.

“As premier, I feel it’s incumbent upon me to represent all Yukoners and to ensure the federal government has a full understanding of the impact of these funding cuts,” Pasloski added.

The premier also took the opportunity to highlight the positive working relationship with the federal government on infrastructure investments critical to Yukon communities today and into the future.

“I am encouraged by our shared belief that infrastructure investment can support the economy and environment as well as improve daily lives of Yukoners,” Pasloski said.

Read Premier Pasloski’s remarks.



Dan Macdonald
Cabinet Communications

Sarah Crane
Executive Council Office

News Release #16-219