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May 12, 2016

Health Investment Fund helps develop strong communities

WHITEHORSE—The Arctic Institute of Community-Based Research and Yukon Circle of Change will share $18,850 through the Yukon government’s Health Investment Fund.

“We are pleased to support both organizations in their work promoting health and social change,” Minister of Health and Social Services Mike Nixon said. “The Health Investment Fund encourages projects that enable youth to thrive and individuals to work together towards wellness, and these initiatives further those goals.”

The Arctic Institute of Community-Based Research will deliver a Yukon Food Security Roundtable. Food security and food sovereignty are pressing issues throughout the North and have been identified as priority concerns for the health and well-being of all northern residents.

“Funding from the Health Investment Fund is contributing importantly to the upcoming Yukon Food Security Roundtable and related events,” Arctic Institute of Community-Based Research executive director Jody Butler Walker said. “Access to nutritious, affordable, culturally appropriate food is an important determinant of the health of Yukon residents, and we are grateful for the Health Investment Fund’s support to move towards a more food secure Yukon.”

The Yukon Circle of Change promotes social change through their Be the Change Movement, which provides support and training in resiliency building by taking negative peer pressure and turning it into positive peer support.

“We are so thrilled to be able to offer the Be the Change Movement from the schools out into the community at large,” Yukon Circle of Change president Christine Klaassen-St Pierre said.

Two levels of funding are offered through the Health Investment Fund. Groups can apply for contributions from $100 to $10,000. For projects over $500, the next application deadlines are May 20, September 20 and January 20. Applications for projects under $500 can be sent at any time.

Organizations are encouraged to contact the Health Investment Fund before the deadline for assistance with developing project ideas.

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Cabinet Communications

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Yukon Circle of Change: $8,850 for a three-day experiential training session for FH Collins School students, and other high school students, older students, teachers, parents, elders, youth workers, and community members.
Contact: Christine Klaassen-St-Pierre, 333-9936,

Arctic Institute of Community-Based Research: $10,000 to assist the organization with the Yukon Food Security Roundtable summit event. This event is open to governments, non-profit organizations, Yukon communities and the private sector. The event will help identify Yukon food security solutions and barriers at the community level.
Contact: Judy Butler Walker, 668-3393,

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