Government of Yukon

May 9, 2016

Improvements underway for Yukon tourism data collection

WHITEHORSE—The Yukon government is reaching out to industry to review visitor tracking and seek advice on how to improve reporting of the number of visitors to the territory.

“The Yukon government recognizes the importance of visitor statistics for Yukon businesses and the need to present a full picture of visitation to Yukon,” Minister of Tourism and Culture Elaine Taylor said. “We also recognize that the best people to tell us what works and what can be improved are those in the tourism industry.”

The Yukon government will continue to collect and publish tourism indicators online throughout the engagement process.

“Overall, Yukon visitation is on the rise,” Tourism Association of Yukon executive director Blake Rogers said. “Tourism Association of Yukon supports the Yukon government’s plan to move forward with a review of its data collection process. Gathering important and useful information is a priority of the business industry here and we look forward to seeing the improvements achieved.”

The tourism sector is critical to a strong and diverse Yukon economy. Yukon businesses attributed approximately $227 million in revenue to tourism in 2014, which is approximately 3.9 per cent of Yukon’s gross domestic product (GDP). There are approximately 3,000 jobs in Yukon’s tourism sector, representing 11 per cent of the total jobs in the territory.

“Industry needs reliable data to inform decisions,” commented Rich Thompson, chair of the Yukon Chamber of Commerce. “We will encourage our members to be an important and reliable part of the data collection process, and will look forward to continued improvement on reporting on the metrics for this important part of the Yukon economy.”



Dan Macdonald
Cabinet Communications

Lucie Wright
Communications, Tourism and Culture

News Release #16-181