Government of Yukon

May 6, 2016

Government of Yukon nominates Charlie Roots for Polar Medal

WHITEHORSE—The Government of Yukon has nominated Dr. Charlie Roots for the Governor General of Canada’s Polar Medal. An accomplished and respected geoscientist with the Geological Survey of Canada, Roots has dedicated his career to mapping the geology of northern Canada, focusing primarily on Yukon.

“I am proud to announce the Yukon government’s nomination of Charlie Roots for the Polar Medal,” Premier Darrell Pasloski said. “As a scientist who has lived and worked in Yukon for 28 years, Charlie has made a significant contribution towards raising the profile of northern-based geological research, and we are grateful for the legacy Charlie has carved out for future northern scientists.”

In 1992, Roots led a multi-disciplinary team in the successful ascent of Mount Logan that had both historic and scientific significance as it marked three anniversaries of national importance: Canada’s 125th birthday, the Geological Survey of Canada’s 150th anniversary and the Alaska Highway’s 50th anniversary. It was the first time researchers were able to use GPS instruments to accurately measure the height of Canada’s highest mountain and collect rock samples from the summit. Roots’ contributions helped make the expedition a success.

“Charlie’s wealth of knowledge about Yukon’s geoscience has made him the go-to guy for his colleagues at the Yukon Geological Survey,” Minister of Energy, Mines and Resources Scott Kent said. “The solid geologic foundation created by Charlie’s work has meant more interest in our natural resources and investment in mineral exploration throughout the territory.”

Roots is highly respected for his devotion to his science and the generous sharing of his knowledge with geologists, research scientists and the public. Having published maps and reports that record his contributions to science, Roots is now compiling unpublished data from the field notebooks of some of his retired Geological Survey of Canada colleagues to enable its publication. Roots also continues to help create public education products that will ensure the next generation of Northerners understand and appreciate the land on which they live.

The Polar Medal honours explorers of Canada’s polar regions and is awarded to those who serve with distinction in northern Canada. It replaced the Governor General’s Northern Medal in 2015.

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