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May 3, 2016

Yukon government improving contracting and supplies model

WHITEHORSE—The procurement advisory panel, which was struck to help address concerns raised by the Yukon business community regarding the territory’s procurement model, released its findings today.

“Supporting local vendors and local contracting is important to the Government of Yukon. We believe the recommendations in this report will help us establish better working relationships and more effective processes,” Minister of Highways and Public Works Scott Kent said. “We are creating a long-term plan based on these recommendations, but we’ve also identified ways to make improvements right now.”

The report focuses on increasing opportunities for Yukon vendor involvement, reducing barriers to participation, improving dialogue and building a more collaborative procurement culture.

The six-member panel was established in November 2015 and consists of representatives from the local business community and experts on procurement from other government jurisdictions, with support from the Department of Highways and Public Works.

“We created this panel because we heard from local industry and recognised the need to improve our model,” Kent added. “The Yukon government and the private sector are important partners in Yukon’s economy. I want to thank the panel for the work they have done, and the members of the local contracting and supplies industries for their contributions that helped create this report.”

Moving forward, the Yukon government will create a focus group with vendors to discuss implementing recommendations, enhancing the supplier directory and developing policies and procedures to advance the implementation of an improved procurement model in Yukon.

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Procurement Advisory Panel report – Backgrounder

The panel’s overarching finding is that Yukon government procurement needs to be more strategic and less transactional. Good procurement practices can build better working relationships with contractors, save money and contribute to project successes. This is true for procurement of all types and scales.

The panel’s report focuses on three themes:

  1. Increasing opportunities for Yukon vendor participation.
  2. Reducing barriers to participation.
  3. Increasing dialogue and building a more collaborative culture around procurement.

Yukon government next steps:

The Procurement Support Centre will collaborate with vendors on the Yukon government’s response to the published report with the following meetings in May and June:

  • Meeting with Whitehorse Chamber of Commerce on May 5.
  • Presentations at Yukon Contractor’s Association meeting on May 11 and at Association of Yukon Communities Annual General Meeting on May 12 and 13.
  • Meetings with the Yukon Chamber of Commerce, First Nation Chamber of Commerce, Association of Consulting Engineering Companies – Yukon and other associations and vendor groups.

The Procurement Support Centre will establish an operational working group and lead government-wide collaboration to respond to the published report. This response will be published on the Yukon government website.

Further steps by the Yukon government:

Theme 1: Increasing opportunities for Yukon vendor participation

  1. Enhance the Supplier Directory, and establish clarity regarding the definition of a Yukon business.
  2. Create more guides for staff, including guidance on local preference. A new guide called How to Do Business With Yukon Government has been reviewed by vendors and will be published soon.
  3. Establish guidelines to determine reasonable procurement methods based on estimated values.

Theme 2: Reducing barriers to participation

  1. Establish ‘best practices’ to address suggestions or requirements from vendors.
  2. Create more short form procurement documents. The Procurement Support Centre piloted a new Short Form Request for Proposal, which is designed for invitational proposals. In this case, proposals can be submitted electronically, making it easier for Yukon vendors to respond.

Theme 3: Increasing dialogue and building a more collaborative culture around procurement

  1. Write a guide for Yukon government staff about which procurement documents and results they can release upon request by vendors.
  2. Provide more frequent and targeted procurement training to Yukon government staff with the goal of building procurement expertise.
  3. Reprogram the Tender Management System to improve timing of alerts.

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