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March 30, 2016

Yukon government launches Shifting Territory – Indicators of Yukon Gender Equality website

WHITEHORSE—The Yukon government has launched a new gender equality indicators website that provides statistical and qualitative information on the status of women in the territory. The Shifting Territory – Indicators of Yukon Gender Equality website features information on a wide range of themes including leadership and activism, violence and crime, childcare and parenting as well as sports and physical activity.

"A key mandate of the Women's Directorate is to conduct research and provide resources to further the legal, social and economic equality of Yukon women," Minister responsible for the Women's Directorate Elaine Taylor said. "The Shifting Territory website makes available a wide variety of information, measures and equality indicators on Yukon women and men to highlight areas of progress, show where challenges remain, and support ongoing work to advance equality."

The site is an interactive resource that can be updated and expanded as new information becomes available. Statistical indicators are complemented by an interactive timeline of Yukon women's history as well as interviews and sound stories from Yukon men and women involved in equality work over the past thirty years.

“Having access to relevant data is critical to the development of policy and delivery of programs that result in equitable outcomes for all women and men, boys and girls," Taylor said. "This initiative will enable the effective implementation of Gender Inclusive and Diversity Analysis throughout the Yukon government in support of advancing equality of women and men."

An interdepartmental group of senior managers will work with the Women's Directorate to develop and implement a Gender Inclusive and Diversity Action Plan, which will use the information provided by the website to advance gender equality when developing government legislation, policies and programs.

"Our hope is that this website will be an important resource for policy and research, as it includes statistical information about significant aspects of equality and, where possible, tracks that information over time," Women's Directorate director Jennifer England said. "It is intended to support evidence-based decision-making on matters that help us achieve equality for all Yukoners."

The project was led by the Women's Directorate with input from Yukon government departments. The directorate worked with the Yukon Bureau of Statistics on the production of statistical analysis and charts for the website.

Learn more: Shifting Territory – Indicators of Yukon Gender Equality



Dan Macdonald
Cabinet Communications

Alex Hill
Communications, Women’s Directorate


News Release #16-095