Government of Yukon

January 28, 2016

Yukon organization wins Arctic Inspiration Prize

WHITEHORSE—The Recreation and Parks Association of Yukon and its partners in the N.W.T. and Nunavut were awarded the Arctic Inspiration Prize on Wednesday for their collaboration on a pan-northern recreation training project. Deputy Premier Elaine Taylor was in Ottawa for the upcoming Yukon Days festivities and attended the award ceremony.

“Congratulations to the Recreation and Parks Association of Yukon and its partners for this wonderful accomplishment,” Taylor said. “The substantial funding awarded through this prize will go towards advancing recreation leaders’ training, resulting in more active and engaged northern families and communities.”

The Tri-Territorial Recreation Training project empowers people and communities by developing and delivering a leadership training program across the territories which strengthens recreational programming and improves quality of life in the North.

This year, the overall prize was worth $1.5-million as a result of increased funding partnerships. The prize is shared this year by three recipients: The Tri-Territorial Recreation Training project received $600,000; Better Hearing in Education for Northern Youth received $300,000; and Qaggiq: Nurturing the Arctic Performing Arts received $600,000.

Founded in 2012, the Arctic Inspiration Prize awards organizations working on projects and initiatives that address important issues in the Canadian Arctic.

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